Things that you need to think about before franchising your business

Every year, people start small  businesses or with some sound investments, they start companies on a big scale. They work hard to get their business set up. After time, the business will either be  a success or a failure. If the business has been successful, there are some options that could be pursued to make the business grow. In today’s world, one of the most lucrative ideas is franchising. There have been intra-national and international franchising successes. There are however some points that need to be considered before taking this step.

  1. The Framework of the Business – The first thing that needs consideration by any company trying to get into franchising is the framework and the model of their business. Was it designed to be marketed to a wider demographic? Can the framework withhold an expansion and maintain its sanctity? If the answer is no then the things that ought to be considered are; not to franchise or modify the framework.
  2. Replication of Business Model – Once the business model has been found to be sound and strong, the next thing to consider is whether the business model is replicable on a larger scale. The business model should be replicable across every franchise. Furthermore, that business model should be identical across each franchise. There is no room for even minor changes. So the business has to be sure that their model could be replicated across any and every franchise of their brand.
  3. Is the Business Ready for Franchising – One of the most important thing is whether the people that want to go into franchising are actually ready to go into franchising. Saying and doing are two different things. If someone wants to go into franchising, they should not only look into the growth aspects of the business but also the work that is required for making it a successful franchise. The “do it yourself” rule applies here and if a business is not ready for that then you need to keep the franchising idea on hold for a bit more time.
  4. The Business Workforce – The success of any business can be accredited to the team and the staff of the business. They have been the foundation of making the business what it is. They are the ground zero for the application of the business model. They made the business what it is. So when the franchising option is on the horizon, these people are the first that need to be consulted. They have to be onboard with the franchising because they will help in the propagation of the business model and framework. They should also be prepared to accept a much larger workforce, to teach them and train them for the expansion of the company.
  5. Adaptability – Every business considering franchising should remember that they are going through a transition. The success of the transition depends on the adaptability rate of each and every person in the business. Without the cooperation and the adaptation of the entire business, the franchise cannot work.
  6. Do Your Research – It’s boring, it’s tiring but it has its purpose. Do not go into franchising on a simple gut instinct. That is the worst thing that could be done. What a business needs before franchising is knowledge on how to make the business into a successful franchise, similar businesses techniques and the process of the franchising. This could only be known by research.
  7. Giving up Control – Franchising means working at a larger and at an integrated level. Till then, the business has been like an individual unit that had been working on its own accord and rules. Going into franchising means that the company has to give up its autonomy and control to a large scale of workers and companies working under the franchise and bear the responsibility of each franchise of the business.
  8. Financial Soundness – Imagine the cost that is required to set up a business and triple that. Franchising is not an easy process, the success of a business and financial soundness are two different things. A business should only franchise if its pocket allows it to. If the business is not sure that it could finance a franchise, then they should not franchise.
  9. Maintaining the Standards – The success of any business is based on the standards that it has kept. Those standards are the reason that the business has become successful. These standards have to be maintained across the franchise.
  10. Quality Management – If a business is sure that it can keep up the quality of services and products across all its franchises, only then it should go into franchising. Without quality management, many business franchises have failed to succeed. A company has to ensure that the franchises will have the same quality of products and services.

These points are very important to consider if a business is thinking about franchising. They help a business’ franchising process be effective and successful.

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