Geographic Enterprises franchise territory mapping softwareFranchise territory mapping software is an invaluable tool in various industries and services. Mapping software not only plots maps for territory creation, but it can also examine demographic data, business locations, and even infrastructure maps. Such varied use is why mapping software is helpful in so many fields.

Industries Using Territory Mapping

Automotive Industry

The most common use for franchise territory mapping software that likely comes to mind is sales. The automotive industry, for instance, makes extensive use of such technology. Not only does the mapping help automotive dealers plot their territories, but it can also help them gauge the competition and learn about the area’s income, travel habits, and road infrastructure. In addition, this data helps determine dealership locations, product stock and distribution, and production.

Financial Industry

While sales can help determine auto production and deals, financial services rely on such software to help assess banking needs for a given area. While such matters are regulated, there is wiggle room. For example, knowing an area’s income and business demographics can help financial industries determine how to better serve a region with loan rates, account options, number of advisors, and other services.

In both discussed industries, the mapping software ultimately means how sales territories are mapped as the result of the information compiled. So while the automotive dealer will use the information to gauge sales quotas and regions, the banks and credit unions will use that data to determine car loan rates and approvals.

Tech Industry

Tech industries involve a great deal of sales work as well. Whether used by a small business or a large corporation, comprehensive knowledge of the territory is vital in tech to understand the local markets. So again, while sales mapping is one goal, the industry uses mapping software to serve customers’ needs better and ensure profitable business operations.

Many different fields make use of franchise territory mapping software. While much of its use is for determining sale regions, this is just one part of a wider reach. From a tech company selling cash registers downtown to the automotive dealer on the edge of town eyeing the dealer across the street, territory mapping is not to be taken lightly.

Geographic Enterprises

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