Geographic Enterprises GIS Mapping SoftwareGeographical Information Systems (GIS) isn’t a new concept but has evolved to serve the needs of many businesses. For example, in 1963, the Canadian government commissioned Roger Tomlinson to quantify their natural resources. He envisioned a computerized system that could store large quantities of data for reference and analysis. Today GIS mapping software is used extensively by businesses to handle large amounts of geographic data. This article will discuss why GIS should be part of any business model.

GIS Mapping Software Business Uses

What is GIS?

Many people have heard of GIS – maps that are internet-based and simple to use. GIS maps connect spatial information to geographical points on an interactive map. This ability allows someone to interpret and uniquely analyze data using GIS mapping software. Users can identify trends and see the bigger picture that is impossible by other methods. A reliable system considers these factors and helps users get the most value from their data. GIS handles these four factors:

  • Data – the geographical points of interest and the spatial data connected to it
  • Analytics – methods used to identify business trends and patterns
  • Maps – visuals generated by the GIS system containing data
  • Display – the platform that allows users to visualize GIS data

How Can GIS Be Used in Business?

Because GIS can connect spatial information to geographical locations, business owners can see their customizable data in different configurations. For example, public transportation can significantly benefit from GIS mapping software because it helps with better route planning and ride schedules. In addition, rideshare companies could also utilize GIS data to ensure that drivers are close to high-traffic areas. Generally, companies can create a quantity, category, cluster, bubble, or heat map to view data.

Usually, more than one of these maps is required. For example, a business can improve its brand by performing market analyses, identifying environmental changes, creating seasonal sales routes, and discovering franchise opportunities. Companies that work with GIS specialists enjoy these benefits:

  • Receive up-to-date map data
  • Lower energy and fuel costs
  • Improved decision making

Geographic Enterprises

GIS mapping constantly evolves and empowers many businesses to improve their operations using their personalized data. The experts at Geographic Enterprises understand that sometimes GIS mapping software seems daunting, but the learning curve is well worth it. Geographic Enterprises is more than happy to help if clients are unsure about GIS technology. The company is dedicated to helping businesses thrive and improve productivity. So, if you’re looking to jumpstart your business efforts and use every tool at your disposal, consider working with Geographic Enterprises. Contact us today at 888-848-4436 for a free demonstration.