Web Resources: Airfare Pricing Map

The cost of airfare often determines travelers’ vacation destinations. Searching for airline prices city by city can be time-consuming and simply reviewing a list of “special offer” fares can be very limiting. At GeoMetrx, we strongly believe in the power of visually mapping data, which makes this website resource, www.kayak.com, a win-win! The cofounders of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz started the website in 2004. Of the many features available, our favorite is the Explore tool.  KAYAK’s Explore visually maps current airfare prices around the globe.

Powered by Google, the user enters the departure city from which to provide airfare prices to any destination. Additional filters are available for selecting a travel window, weather preferences, and activities available. The user can then search every continent and zoom in on particular countries, regions or even cities. Prices are displayed on the map, and when selected, a pop-up window offers further details as well as linking to a ticket pricing application. The site even offers a free mobile app that is compatible with nearly every phone platform. Check it out before your next trip, whether for pleasure or business.