Baby Boomers on the Move

At the conclusion of World War II, the United States experienced an explosion of births for nearly two decades, as more than 76 million Americans were born between 1946 and 1964.  Improved living conditions, medical care and disease control have all contributed to greater life expectancies and, as a result, the Boomers are projected to live an average of seven years longer than previous generations. The impact of the aging Baby Boomer generation on our economy will be enormous.

As Boomers reach retirement age they don’t plan to simply find the nearest rocker and watch the world go by, but rather to remain active both in the workforce and the community.  The communities in which they choose to live are expected to prosper; and opportunities to provide products and services that will appeal to this generation will be plentiful. Del Webb, a leading brand of communities for active adults (age 55+), conducted its most recent Baby Boomer Survey in 2010. The survey covered many topics including where retiring Boomers intend to settle.  The top states my surprise you:

50 Yr Olds 64 Yr Olds
South Carolina 20% North Carolina 19%
North Carolina 16% South Carolina 16%
Florida 15% Florida 15%
Tennessee 9% Tennessee 12%
Arizona 8% Virginia 10%
California 8% Arizona 6%
Virginia 8% California 6%

The survey also tracked the motivations for moving to a particular location:

How important are each of the following in deciding where you will move (amongst those who plan to move)? 50 Yr Olds 64 Yr Olds
Cost of living there 81% 81%
Access to preferred health care programs 66% 70%
Cultural/recreational amenities offered 61% 59%
More favorable climate 60% 59%
Community/networking opportunities 54% 53%
Being close to children 46% 49%
Being close to grandchildren 38% 45%
Being close to parents/in-laws 30% 14%

We have created a heat map of the Adult 65+ population based on 2011 U.S. Census Projections using GeoMetrx. It’s important to know where today’s opportunities are as well as to track the migration of the Baby Boomers as they transition into retirement age.

Our mapping tool and data can provide a wealth of information both nationally and locally. Uploading additional data for mapping is an even more powerful advantage. Call us today at 1.888.848.4436 for more information or request a demo online.