gps shows the route to the location a salesperson wants to close a saleEvery business aims to maintain a continuous flow of sales to achieve consistent growth. This goal can be challenging without an efficient sales route; sales efficiency means more than just generating sales. It is also about enhancing the sales process to close sales more simply and quickly. Increasing the efficiency of sales routes provides businesses with a wide range of benefits, including an increase of steady sales, better organization and greater productivity.

What Is A Sales Route?

A sales route is essentially the route that a salesperson takes to reach prospects and customers. Efficient sales route planning can be a complex process but is worth the time as well-structured sales routes will connect reps with high-value opportunities. The goal of sales route planning is to find the most efficient way to get from one place to another. This process often considers a wide range of factors, such as competitor actions, market dynamics and customer engagement.

Optimizing sales routes allows sales teams to maximize their sales appointments leading to increased sales and profitability. By creating a geographical-friendly route, salespeople are able to see more prospects and clients in a day which significantly increases the odds of closing more sales. Structuring sales routes also enables sales members to arrive at their appointments well-organized and confident in their abilities.

Why Are Sales Routes Important?

The importance of efficient sales routes is often overlooked. When businesses fail to optimize their sales routes, they can encounter a range of common problems. Unplanned downtime, schedule gaps, large geographies and unpredictable driving conditions are just a few of the difficulties that salespeople may experience in the course of their work. Planning sales routes can address many of these problems and ensure that sales teams have increased field insights.

Working in sales often involves a lot of time on the road. Although salespeople often adapt to their environment over time, the lack of a solid sales route leads to wasted time and money in the interim. Optimizing sales routes can prevent downtime and allow for more flexibility in the salesperson’s schedule. Extra time can also be spent locking down business deals.

The Benefits Of Increasing Sales Route Efficiency

map shows all the routes a salesperson can take to go make their salesMulti-stop route planning can be a long and tedious endeavor. For this reason, many businesses do not invest enough time or effort into their sales routes, negatively impacting the overall performance of the sales team. Sales route optimization enables businesses to create efficient, organized routes that offer benefits to both sales reps and the business as a whole. By using the most efficient routes possible, businesses also benefit from improved fuel efficiency, reduced transportation costs and an increased number of consumers covered in a shorter period of time.

Here is a look at some other key benefits of increasing sales route efficiency:

Defines Your Route Hierarchy

Without an established route in place, salespeople are sent out on the road without a clear schedule in mind. They may drive from one customer to another without taking into consideration factors such as driving conditions, traffic and distance from one client to the next. This can result in confusion and wasted time and resources. Sales route optimization aims to more clearly define route hierarchy to give sales reps a thoroughly researched plan for on the road. All external factors should be considered when creating a route hierarchy to allow sales reps to easily drive from one client to the next in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Helps You Stay Organized

Business growth increases the number of clients and prospects that a sales rep meets on a daily basis. It is important for sales teams to remain organized and on task to avoid wasted opportunities. One of the top keys to increasing productivity across sales teams is the efficiency of sales routes. Optimized sales routes help salespeople stay as organized and productive as possible. They are often able to reach more clients while also reducing travel time and saving on travel costs.

Reach Out To A Sales Route Professional Today

phone gps shows the routes of where potential sales can be madeRoute optimization is advantageous on multiple levels. Although face-to-face encounters with prospects and customers close deals, getting to those locations must be strategically designed to account for extra transportation costs and time spent on the road. The optimization of sales routes minimizes the time spent driving and increases productivity among sales teams.

The use of innovative technology, such as sales territory mapping software, makes the route optimization process faster and easier. For more information about the benefits of increasing sales route efficiency or to speak with a sales route professional, reach out to the experienced sales territory mapping experts at Geographic Enterprises today.