Cartograph Much?

When we’re fascinated by something more than the average bear, how do we define ourselves? What would Yogi say about his obsession with stealing picnic baskets, for instance? Is Yogi a geek, dweeb, dork, or nerd? Perhaps we could ask Boo Boo. Better yet, this Venn diagram circulating the web provides a visual representation of these terms and the subtle differences between them.

Nerd Assessment: Venn Diagram

DWEEBS combine social ineptitude with intelligence; GEEKS combine obsession with intellect; DORKS lack both intelligence and social skills; and NERDS simply manage to rank on all three attributes

Yogi Bear is certainly obsessed with filching picnic baskets, so he can’t be a labeled a dweeb. Yogi is also quite clever and he speaks, so dork isn’t the right label either. One could argue his social ineptness – he’s a bear after all – however he can usually wiggle out of any scrape with Ranger Smith AND he has a girlfriend! This takes nerd out of the running too, which leaves geek. We think Boo Boo would  agree that Yogi is, indeed, a picnic basket abducting geek.

At GeoMetrx, we are admittedly mapping geeks which was recently reconfirmed by the humor we found in the video clip below. In a recent episode of The Office: Suit Warehouse (airdate 1/17/13), Dwight and Carl pose as a father/son paper sales team to try and win an account at a father/son owned suit business. Trading ‘familial’ insults back and forth resulted in a funny exchange about cartography involving a reference to Riker’s Island and Boring Island. We hope you enjoy the clip, we certainly did!

“Cartograph Much?”