Remember back 10 years ago when you received the 2000 Census questionnaire?  Has it been a decade since the turn of the century??  Times sure have changed…Google was just 2 years old and Facebook & Twitter were still years away.  A lot has happened since then, some good, some bad.  But here we are, a new decade and new optimism.  Lets take a moment to look back on the last Census and see how we can make this one even better.  Its all up to us and our participation is key.

How did your community perform back in 2000?  This map from the site provides an interesting illustration.

2000 Participation

Overall I’d say we did fairly well, definitely better than our typical voter turnout.  Still some room for improvement…we can do this.  Keep an eye out for your questionnaire coming soon, mid-March is what the Census Bureau is saying.

Stay Grounded,

Rich Mithoff