In case you were wondering what data is compiled by US Census Bureau, take a peek at the form.

Click here for the CENSUS 2010 Questionnaire

The Census Bureau is touting it as one of the shortest in history with only 10 questions taking no more than 10 minutes to complete.

You may think the Census is just a way for the government to keep tabs on us but that’s not the case.  (well, maybe a little)  Its actually a very important tool to gauge how to allocate resources and federal funding to infrastructure and services.  Hospitals, Emergency Services & Disaster Relief, Schools, Senior Centers and more all benefit from comprehensive data.

Companies like Geographic Enterprises compile this data for easy use and access to Economic Development Organizations, Demographic & Market Researchers, Commercial Real Estate Firms, Assisted Living Communities, Chambers of Commerce and more.  For companies to make accurate decisions on where to open their next location, who to target with direct mail and how to build a balanced sales territory it imperative to have as the best demographic resources at your fingertips.  This simple 10 question form is where it all starts.

Want to see this data in action?  Feel free to contact me personally for a  GeoMetrx web-demonstration to look at basic demographics, retail spending patterns, traffic patterns, federal funding data, venture capital data and even YOUR OWN company data.

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