Geometrx map dataData management and data mapping are the process of creating data element mappings between two distinct data models. Data mapping is used as the first step for a wide variety of data integration tasks. Data mapping is also used to consolidate multiple databases into a single database.

Geometrx mapping service provides the territory mapping software and service which maps the data from the businesses to combine with new demographics and market variables to create equitable regions with the greatest impact on sales. Geometrx has helped many companies in building and creating sales and franchise area mapping software service. Franchise businesses of all sizes can now access important demographic mapping and reporting. It will help in choosing the best location and develop fruitful and exclusive franchise territories for the franchisees. Retailers, commercial brokers, restaurants, marketers, and other businesses can access up-to-date demographic data, create detailed maps and export them to Google Earth for particular conception. Sales territory mapping and optimization with business or consumer demographics, zip codes and area codes, and even the company’s data. It easily and efficiently aligns sales territories for maximum productivity.

Mapbox, a map development company based in Washington, D.C., announced that it had raised some $5.255 million, a sum CEO Eric Gunderson called the biggest ever for a mapping company. Mapbox doesn’t make maps, however. It builds towers of software that form sets of statistical data for other kinds of businesses like real estate, transportation, agriculture, government, smartphone apps. For example the Foursquare app.

Thus, using map data visualizations for market analysis and marketing campaign planning and CRM framework support in the following aspects such as:

Quickly maps the business data: Map business data from numerous sources by street address, town or city name, postcode, or latitude and longitude.

Visualize business patterns:  It assigns specific symbols, colors, and sizes to market map data points. It also identifies trends or collections by giving customers and scenarios particular colors.

Show business data with charts:  This graphically portrays business data on a map using pie or bar charts. It used charts to show revenue by product invoices due and paid products ordered and shipped, and sales by customer type.

Share business maps: Create interactive maps and share it with various companies, dealers, customers, predictions or vendors and also shares territory maps. Email saved in JPEG and PNG files or embeds map files in PowerPoint presentations.

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