Many times, when people want to get into a business, they will choose to invest in a franchise, as these are well established names and brands that people know and trust. With so many different types of franchises, in many different industries, it can be hard to decide just what to choose.  Before you decide you have to know how much it will cost you to get into the franchise and how much it will cost you to keep it going. This is where you would call a franchise consultant or a franchise broker for help.

The job of a franchise consultant is to act as a matchmaker between you and a franchise. You hire this person to work for you. The franchise consultant will take your information, your budget, interests, and experience and use that to match you with a franchise that is right for you. You pay his person a fee for their services.  They receive nothing from the franchise for recommending them to you.

On the other side of the equation, there is a franchise broker. These are the professionals that you go to in order to find out how to invest in a franchise. They may sound like a consultant, and many call themselves that, but their job is different. Franchise brokers are working for the franchises.  They receive a commission from the franchise when they sign you, so their intentions are not for your sole benefit.  They will only look at franchises that will pay them a commission rather than all franchise possibilities.  A franchise broker is who you would see if you already know which franchise you want to buy, but not to help you make a decision about which franchise is right for you.

When you decide to open your own franchise, you may want to think hard about who to hire to help you decide on which franchise. The consultant gets paid up front and can give you unbiased advice.  The broker is only paid by commission after you sign with a franchise. You don’t want to be lead down a path that you may not be able to recover from later. When you get a good franchise consultant on your side, you will find that the whole process can go a little smoother, and that you have someone who really cares about you and your future. If you are still up in the air about what you should do, you can contact a lawyer to help direct you on which path you should follow.

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