GeoMetrx Data in Action: Domestic Travel

Our GeoMetrx online mapping application excels in creating rich demographic reports, demographic mapping, aligning & mapping sales or franchise territories, performing market analysis, retail site selection and much more. You can use our available current year demographic datasets or upload your own company data to aggregate, compare, rank and map data on demand.


Our extensive travel industry data includes the following categories:

• Domestic Travel (Traveled Last Year; 11+ Roundtrips)
• Mode of Travel (Boat/Ship; Bus; Car; Plane; Railroad; RV; Other-Truck)
• Cruise Ship – Areas Traveled (multiple locations)
• Foreign Travel – Country Visited (multiple countries)
• Foreign Travel – Reason for Trip (multiple options
• Travel Agent Services Used
• Hotel/Motel – Stay; Loyalty Program
• Average Spent
• Travel Preferences (Organized Activities; Prefer Travel Abroad; Prefer
   Travel Domestic; Prefer Different Location Every Trip; and more)
• Business Establishment Data and Retail Potential (Travel Services;
   Hotels and Other Accomodations)

Below is a heat map of the point of origin of domestic travelers last year, generated from our GeoMetrx mapping application. The data is depicted at the county level and population percents increase from the lighter to darker areas. Demographic data, such as population density, combined with competitive business data is an extremely useful resource for determining market potential.