Web Resources: Earth Album

If you enjoy maps and photography, we have a great website for you: Earth Album. This website combines the power and detail of Google Maps with some of the most beautiful photography from around the world, courtesy of Flickr. The top images on Flickr are used, and therefore the images change every few weeks, bringing you a new experience every time you visit.

There are several ways to narrow in on an area of interest. You can simply click anywhere on the map and an image thumbnail bar will appear. You can zoom in to a very specific location and click on the map (note the small yellow rectangle outlining the area of the map where pictures have been pinned). You can also select from a drop down list of famous landmarks, or enter a specific search of your own.

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming • Photograph Courtesy of Peter Kovacs

Take your time and scroll through the images on the thumbnail image bar. More popular destinations feature more pictures. You can click on the green arrow in the upper right corner of the thumbnail bar to access additional photos. The site was designed with the “armchair tourist” in mind, so take a moment now to enjoy some spectacular locations, whether you’ve been there, plan to go there, or just want to see the sights online. Check out images of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the beauty of the geothermal features of Yellowstone National Park such as the Grand Prismatic Spring (above), or take an online journey to Antarctica. Clicking on the images will link you to the Flickr page where the pictures are hosted.