EARTH Platinum – World’s Largest Atlas

At a whopping 6 ft. tall by 4.5 ft. wide (9 ft. when opened) and weighing in at 264 pounds, the Millennium House publishers of Sydney Australia created the World’s Largest Atlas: EARTH Platinum. And they didn’t just do it once; 31 individually numbered copies were published in January 2012 of this extraordinary feat in cartography. The price tag on the book jacket: $100,000(US).

The atlas is the culmination of the efforts of more than 100 cartographers, geographers and photographers from around the world, and took more than 4 years to complete. The book contains 128 pages of maps, flags and breathtaking images of famous landscapes and more, such as Machu Picchu pictured at left. A word of caution, don’t try to read it alone – it takes two people to turn the pages!

The prior record for the largest atlas dates all the way back to the 17th century when the famous Klencke Atlas was gifted to Charles the II by a group of Dutch merchants. The book, measuring an amazing 5 ft. x 3 ft. was presented in recognition of his restoration to the English throne in 1660. The atlas, now in the safekeeping of the British Library, was put on public display with its pages open for the first time in 350 years at the 2010 Magnificent Maps exhibition.

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