Geographic Enterprises sales territory mappingSales is an involved and ever-changing field highly dependent on current data, and that’s why sales territory mapping and resource planning are so important—poor planning results in weak sales and low morale amongst the staff. Thus, as with any aspect of a business, sales resource planning needs to be done right.

Seasonal Sales

Most businesses have sales with seasonal ups and downs. Planning resources based around such seasonal fluctuations can save money and help boost the bottom line. A company’s buyer will require a planning calendar. Sales data from previous years will help determine where and when to place resources.

Area Sales

Along with seasonal highs and lows, there are areas with high or low sales that also need consideration. Such hot spots and low points affect overall sales, obviously, and that means they involve sales resource planning and sales territory mapping. Finding the balance between supply and demand in different areas is challenging. Do not neglect low sales areas, as mitigating factors and time might make them viable in the future.

After all, not all territories are the same, and proper resources need to be distributed accordingly. Otherwise, over-saturation or neglect in sales areas can result in disgruntled customers, lack of growth, and annoyed sales representatives. Preventing disruption to business and customers is difficult but essential for resource and sales territory mapping.

Sales Team

Though emphasis might seem to be on the sales representatives themselves, do not neglect other aspects of the business. They need resources to do their work as well. The data will help here, as will input from those other parts of the business, to help ensure everyone has what they need to do their best work. If sales efforts cannot adapt to changing data, the business will suffer.

Update and Adapt

Since sales are ever evolving, make sure to measure the impact of sales resource planning as it is implemented and ongoing. Look over the calendar to ensure it’s accurate. Are the resources to smaller areas being used effectively? Are there minimally wasted resources? Is any area where resources are being neglected? Make sure the resources and sales are accurately reflected on the territory map. And don’t neglect the office morale.

Geographic Enterprises

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