Even before the launch of the Let’s Move campaign by First Lady Michelle Obama, aimed at raising a healthier generation of kids, the fitness center industry has shown steady growth and solid profits for more than two decades.  The campaign, targeting childhood obesity, recognizes that parents play a key role in making healthy choices for their children. Parents are encouraged to adopt a lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise for the entire family. Fitness Center franchises offer a variety of opportunities and expertise to help families reach their healthy lifestyle goals.

Fitness Center franchises also have proven to be a profitable business opportunity for many. According to a study published by First Research in November 2011, the US fitness centers industry consists of about 22,000 companies and non-profits operating more than 30,000 centers across the US.  Annual revenues total nearly $22 billion, with the 50 largest companies accounting for approximately 30% of revenue. Some of the major players include Planet Fitness (434 locations), Gold’s Gym (690 locations), Snap Fitness (1,190 locations), Curves (7,263 locations) and Jazzercise (8,181 locations).

Entrepreneur.com provides a list of 45 Fitness Center Franchises including detailed information about each opportunity.  Entry fee investments start as low as $2,500 for Platoon Fitness and can reach as much as $3.9 million for Gold’s Gym ($898.5K to $3.89M).  The average investment ranges from $180K to $325K. Opening a fitness center requires careful planning and research and many factors should be considered. Finding the right location hinges on selecting an area heavily comprised of target market customers. Below is a GeoMetrx map depicting the percent of the adult population that exercise at private facilities across the country.

Source: GeoMetrx 2012

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