Geometrx franchise territory mappingThe franchise business faces many challenges for profitable growth. The industry has gathered piles of information and data in various systems and spreadsheets, but it becomes challenging to consolidate all that to give informative and useful insights that are needed.

Franchises looking to optimize the performance of a franchisee’s territories can utilize the data in a map format to visualize better how changes will affect franchisee’s business. Franchisors depend on adequate franchise territory mapping for generating equitable territories to sell to prospective franchisees.

The Usefulness of Franchise Territory Mapping Solutions

Franchise businesses (or any other business) can take advantage of the franchise territory mapping solutions software. This software helps the franchisor to easily and quickly collect and share information related to franchise locations, boundaries, territory makeup and sales potential that a territory offers. Existing franchisors can also capitalize on the received data from the franchise territory mapping solution over time to fuel growth by helping in the restructuring of unsold franchise territories, refine the profiles of target customers, and compare territory performance.

Territory mapping is not just any other solution. It targets explicitly increasing the sales of franchise territory and improves the process of sales.

Optimize Franchise Performance

Demonstrates the franchise offerings: Territory mapping solutions assist in showing the franchise territory offerings, the details of their make-up and their value within the given area.
Shares maps and information about territory: while selling the franchise territories, a quick and simple method is required for sharing the maps and other related territory data to the potential franchise buyers as well as to internal staff. Through the use of franchise territory mapping solutions, this can be quickly done.

Creates territories and dynamic updates: It helps to automatically generate and adjust territory boundaries and update them from time to time for the prospective buyers, franchisees, and internal staff which save lots of time and energy.

Targeted market matching: It helps to generate the maps based on the changing profiles of the customers. This update enables the franchise businesses to know precisely where their target customers exist and aim their marketing campaign in that particular area.

Updated website maps: It helps to dynamically update the website maps as changes are done in the primary system which saves time and money.

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