Geometrx franchisorsPeople are highly interested in purchasing franchises particularly because such ventures come with viable and proven systems. Every franchise systems, therefore, must be associated with a comprehensive training program; such program will become beneficial for both franchisor and franchisee.  The importance of contractual support obligation from franchisors is highlighted with item 11 of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Despite the large amount of information found in item 11, its main purpose is to distinguish the type of training the franchisors will offer.

In fact, issuance of training is considered to be one of the key roles of any franchisor despite all the other roles. It is true that branding is the heart of a successful franchise, but training is the power source that keeps the heart functioning. Listed below are some of the important aspects of such training.

Building an Operations Manual

The core of any training program is a solidly prepared operation manual. In fact, it is considered to be the textbook of the franchisee and the entire training should revolve around this manual. Therefore, franchisors should build a comprehensive operations manual as the first step of a successful franchise program. This manual should include all the operations from the scratch assuming that the franchisee is a complete novice to the subject.

Training in Head Office

It is compulsory for a training program to have a session at the head office of the respective franchisors. The training sessions in the franchisors’ headquarters should give a very clear insight to the operations structure of the company and the overall function. The practical experience the franchisee receives during these sessions is exceptionally vital for a successful business venture. Aspects like the philosophy of the company, daily operations, type of relationships, pre-opening approaches etc. should be thoroughly described during the head office training.

Onsite Training

Franchisors should be smart enough to arrange comprehensive onsite training as a crucial step of the process. The duration of the onsite training may vary depending on the type of the operation. This particular session (or sessions) should be conducted at the franchisee’s location. It should give a great prominence to day-to-day operations of the business on site. This approach will be of great assist for the franchisees to get familiar with the techniques and the business approach.

Ongoing training

Results-oriented franchisors should offer ongoing training for the franchisees; in fact, consistent training can do wonders for both the parties. Ongoing training becomes obvious particularly when new policies and standards are been introduced to the business. If it is practically difficult to train all the staff members, franchisors should consider selecting key positions at the least and train them.

Timely competence checks are vital for franchisors to ensure if the respective franchisees are on the correct path and marching towards the correct direction. No matter how comprehensive the trainings are, it is franchisors’ duty to perform these timely checks.

One franchisor that outshines others is McDonald’s.  They offer “World Class Training” which is displayed on their website:

“Our franchising system is built on the premise that McDonald’s can be successful only if our Owner/Operators are successful. We believe in a partnering relationship with our Owner/Operators, Suppliers and Employees. This relationship begins with world class training. Our training program is the best in the industry. You will become an operational expert focused on providing an outstanding experience for our customers every day.”

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