Geographic Enterprises (GE) announces the official launch of the Innovation Economy 360 (IE360) application ( for Decision Data Resources (DDR).

“IE360 is the first in a new breed of ASP web application” states Craig Johnson, Managing Partner of Technology for GE.  “We have brought together a unique set of valuable data resources and visual analytics tools into an intuitive user experience.  I am excited about where this new approach and suite of technologies will take us next.”

Innovation Economy 360 is the leading web-based research solution designed to assist policymakers, economic development planners, workforce analysts, and other regional stakeholders in the assessment of their region’s innovation capacity, and to benchmark that capacity against those of other regions in the U.S.

Combining the latest in database report retrieval with the first of its kind “visual analytics” on the web, IE360 provides researchers the tools to understand the shift in the global economy, where prosperity and competitiveness is now derived primarily from the ability to produce a continuous stream of technological and business innovation rather than from manufacturing efficiency or favorable terms of trade. This knowledge further allows any region of any size, the ability to proactively impact and ensure a stable and preferably rising standard of living for residents, correlated with the region’s capacity to generate and/or absorb new technologies, business practices, and forms of organization, and to transform that capacity into new markets and new opportunities for local firms.

“We are excited about the initial release of the Innovation Economy 360 application.  Thus far the feedback from the user community has been extremely positive” affirmed Chuck Branch, Managing Partner of DDR.

About Decision Data Resources: Decision Data Resources (DDR) specializes in providing web-based data and Geographic Information System ( GIS ) applications. DDR’s web-enabled database and GIS products and services are marketed to a broad range of clients, including commercial realtors, site consultants, retailers, utility companies, financial institutions, market research companies, economic and workforce developers, chambers of commerce, and federal, state, and local government agencies.  More information about DDR is available at

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