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Volume 2 : Issue 11

November 2013

Welcome to Common Ground News

In this Issue:

* Feature Article – Home Decor: An
“Improving” Market

* Tips & Techniques – helping you get the most out of our online mapping
application at [1]GeoMetrx “How to Create Territory Reports”

* Thematic Map – Home Decor Interest: a sample of one of our many attitudinal
and behavioral datasets

* Trivia Challenge​​ – Drawing a floorplan to scale: What’s the most typical
scale and why?

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Home Decor – An ‘Improving’ Market


What many are now calling the ‘Great Recession’ that began in earnest in late
2008, continues to have far-reaching affects on the US and world economies.
Signs of recovery are evident in many sectors, including the home decor market,
which is ‘improving’ (pun intended!). The improvement is partially in response
to the lagging housing market.

Along with many other industries and markets, the US housing market continues to
show signs of recovery, yet it is far from what could be considered a full
recovery. The number of overall existing home sales is up in 2013, vs. 2012, but
the most recent report (Sept. 2013 data) showed a slight reduction in the number
of sales over the previous month. Levels are still well below pre-recession

Many Americans have changed their long term outlook on home ownership, and
remodeling our current homes rather than upgrading to larger homes has never
been more popular. Families are choosing to stay put and rework the spaces they
already have. Home improvement is something people have long enjoyed, but the
desire to stretch our dollars further, combined with a bent for living a more
sustainable lifestyle has pumped new life and energy into both the home
improvement industry and home décor market. The home décor market, estimated to
be a $65.2 billion annual segment, continues to thrive.

Fueled by the popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement television
shows, people are tapping into their own creativity to maximize and customize
their living spaces. Home improvement, home décor and home furnishing stores
have been experiencing tremendous growth in the last decade. In addition to the
change in home ownership attitude, another major factor contributing to the
success of many of these businesses is improved products and marketing,
particularly pre-packaged kits with all the needed supplies bundled together.
These kits make it easy for inexperienced homeowners to be successful in their
projects, and much less frustrated!

As homeowners remodel and update existing spaces, they often choose to refurnish
and accessorize these rooms with brand new items to match their freshly painted
walls and gleaming new floors. This trend is being reflected through increased
sales for home furnishing and home décor stores. Ready-made and attractive
decorative accessories are very popular, and homeowners can mix and match pieces
together to make unique and affordable spaces. Many direct sales home decor
businesses have been booming as well such as [21]PartyLite, [22]Celebrating Home
and [23]Rendi, to name a few. These businesses have very easy entrance points
for sole proprietors.

Many home furnishing stores are franchises, so whether you are interested in
becoming a franchisee of an existing business or starting up your own chain of
stores to franchise, [24]GeoMetrx can provide an in-depth location analysis
including an understanding of the competitive landscape. Call us at
1.888.848.4436 or visit us on the web to [25]request a demo today.

Tips & Techniques – ​How to Create Territory Reports

As a follow-up to last month’s tutorial video guide on building a franchise or
sales territory in [26]GeoMetrx, this month we are once again sharing a tutorial
video guide on creating territory reports. The information available in these
reports is an invaluable tool in planning and aligning your territories.

Click below and expert Rich Mithoff will navigate you through the process with
simple step-by-step video instructions in this six-minute [27]video.

[28]”How To Create Territory Reports Tutorial Video”


Home Decor Interest


People have many interests, past-times and hobbies. Decorating one’s home is
certainly among them. The map below depicts the percentage of the U.S. adult
population (18+, 2013) that has a particular interest in home decor, by county.
The amount of interest increases from light green to dark purple. This is just
one of many attitudinal and behavioral data sets available
within our [30]GeoMetrx mapping application.

Combining such data along with demographics and a view of the competitive
landscape is an extremely useful resource for determining market potential.
[31]GeoMetrx has a rich database of all three data types.​


Click here to see a [33]larger version of these maps

[34]GeoMetrx has the tools you need to assess the opportunities, locate the
ideal site location, and evaluate the competition. For more information on how
to obtain access to [35]GeoMetrx tools and datasets, contact us today at

November 2013 – Trivia Challenge

1) What is the most typical scale for drawing a floorplan?
a) 1/8″ to 1′
b) 1/4″ to 1′
c) 1/2″ to 1′
d) 1″ to 1′

2) And, do you know why?

[36]Click Here for the Answers