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Volume 3 : Issue 2

Summer 2014

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In this Issue:

* Feature Article – Franchise Design Industry Focus: Franchise Architecture

* Tips & Techniques – helping you get the most out of our online mapping
application at [1]GeoMetrx “How to Create a Thematic Map”

* Thematic Map – Fast Food Restaurant Visits: a sample of how GeoMetrx can
help you maximize your market potential

* Trivia Challenge​​ – Building by Design? Can you name these businesses by
their buildings?

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FEATURE ARTICLE:[facebooklike][twittertweet][googleplusone][lnkdinshare]
Franchise Design Industry Focus: Franchise Architecture

When you see or visit a franchised business, what’s the first thing that comes
to mind? For most of us it’s that ‘a-ha’ moment we have when we recognize a
familiar and trusted place. As the business comes into view we think about the
products or services we know and expect, no matter what city, town, or even
country in which we may find ourselves.

Many of the largest global franchises are restaurants (Subway, McDonald’s, KFC),
but also among them are convenience stores (7-Eleven, Circle K), real estate
firms (Re/Max, Coldwell Banker, Century 21), hotels and hospitality
services (Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham), retail giants (GNC, Ace Hardware, UPS
Store) along with many others. Can you see some of these in your mind’s eye
right now?

Generally, the first thing we notice for any of these franchises is their logo,
those familiar colors, shapes and designs that distinctly and instantly help us
identify the brand. But it doesn’t stop there. What also helps us distinguish
these brands is the architecture. While each location has its own nuances, the
overall look and feel of a franchised business is consistent wherever it may be

To successfully achieve visual recognition and continuity across locations we
recommend teaming up with a reputable, full-service franchise architecture firm.
Whether your franchised business is new, expanding or modernizing, a franchise
architecture firm can be one of your best business allies. Recently, we spoke
with Scott Lasky of [20]Lasky Architect pa in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who
shared the advantages of just such a partnership, which range from design
concept development to construction completion all the way through to building

Franchise Architecture Services and Benefits:

♦ Location Assessment / Feasibility Study

–avoid pitfalls, don’t lease or buy a space without first determining if the
property is adequate for the needs of the business
* Does the business concept fit the space?
(e.g. footprint, orientation, setbacks)
* Are the necessary utilities available?
(e.g., HVAC, electricity, plumbing, grease traps)
* Can it accommodate amenities?
(e.g., restrooms, parking, bike racks)
* Does it meet zoning codes, fire ratings, and other certifications?
* Does it provide allowance for traffic flow, ease of access,
necessary barriers, pedestrian crossings, etc.?

​♦ Property Acquisition / Contract Negotiation

–take advantage of multi-state expertise and licensing, don’t miss
opportunities or overpay
* What surveys and inspections are needed?
* What improvements will the property owner cover?
* What local permits and approvals are required?

♦ Design-Build

–tap into a full staff of architects, designers, engineers, planners and
construction managers who can provide
* Interior/exterior design schematics
* Electrical, mechanical and plumbing blueprints
* Equipment and furnishings layouts
* Construction management and oversight

A good franchise architecture firm knows your concept, understands your brand
and can duplicate the process of opening new locations across multiple markets
in multiple states. This provides both a cost and time savings. Lasky, who works
with industry leaders such as WayBack Burger, BurgerFi, Badcock Furniture,
Forever Yogurt, Republic of Couture and many others, says, “there is no reason
to reinvent the wheel in each new market; everything about the business is the
same, it’s only the shape of the box that changes.”

A new franchise concept can benefit from developing a unique look and feel to
the business from the start. An emerging franchise that may have been going it
alone can re-engineer existing stores, unifying the brand image through design
in the process. Long-established franchises can benefit from modernizing their
concept. It’s okay to change over time, in fact, it’s necessary. What was
appealing to consumers in an earlier decade may no longer sustain current
customers nor draw in new customers. It’s important to stay contemporary and
keep spaces and designs fresh. A good franchise architecture partner can provide
all these services and more and is well worth the investment.

In addition to the services that a Franchise Architecture partner can provide,
combining those efforts with an online mapping solution for territory management
is invaluable. For more information on how [21]GeoMetrx can help, call us today
at 1.888.848.4436 or [22]request a free demo online. Let our experts help you
make the most of your business concept.


Creating a Thematic Map

A thematic map is intended to depict a particular set of data within the context
of a specific geographic area. Data that lends itself well to thematic maps
includes demographic, economic, cultural, social, political, commercial,
climatic, health-related, or any other aspects that can be related to a region.
[23]GeoMetrx has a wide range of datasets available that can be used to create a
thematic map. Additionally, data can be imported and used to create custom
thematic maps as well.

[24]”How to Create a Thematic Map”


THEMATIC MAP: [facebooklike][twittertweet][googleplusone][lnkdinshare]

Fast-Food Restaurant Visitors

Eating is one of the basic necessities of life. Not only does food sustain us,
it is often accompanied by socialization and celebration. Yet, it can be a
nuisance when we have other activities that are competing for our time. It is
especially during those times when we turn to fast food restaurants for a quick
and convenient meal, whether we order at the counter or take advantage of
drive-through service.

Fast food restaurants are one of the most common franchise business concepts
globally. Whether a burger joint, a pizza parlor, a donut shop, a coffee house,
a deli or any other fare, many of the largest chains have locations in every
major U.S. market, with smaller emerging chains following suit as their
businesses grow and expand.

The thematic map below shows the tremendous penetration of these businesses. The
darkest green counties report 92% or more of the population visiting any fast
food restaurant. At GeoMetrx we have data for more than 50 individual fast food
chains and more than 35 family dining restaurants.


Click on the image above to see enlarged version.

[27]GeoMetrx has the tools you need to assess the opportunities, locate the
ideal site location, and evaluate the competition. For more information on how
to obtain access to [28]GeoMetrx tools and datasets, contact us today at


2Q-2014 – Building Design

Can you name the following three businesses by the design of their buildings
(signage removed)?




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