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Volume I : Issue 2

February 2012

Welcome to Common Ground News

In this issue:

Feature Article – Customer Spotlight: CherryBerry Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt – Site Selection​

Tips & Techniques – helping you get the most out of our online mapping application at GeoMetrx​​ – “Using Unique Competitor Icons on Your Maps”

Thematic Map – Valentine inspired cities and towns. Is Romance on the Horizon? Plus our monthly trivia challenge​​

Upcoming Events – GeoMetrx “How To” Webinar Series “Best Practices for Building and Managing Your Territories” “Franchise Mapping”

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Customer Spotlight:
CherryBerry Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Bar – Site Selection

The two most important factors affecting the success of any retail business are customers and location, so much so you can’t have one without theother; they are inseparable. However, unlike the age-old question ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg,’ we know that finding customers comes before finding the right location. While it’s true that “location, location, location” is absolutely critical to the success of any retail business, you must first define your target customer profile.

When identifying your target customer, think of them in demographic (census) terms. What age group does your product or service appeal to?  Are there children in the household? Are they homeowners or renters? Do they drive? What is their income range (can they afford your product or service)?  What are their hobbies and interests? Once you have your target customer profile in hand, it’s time to locate them – where they live, where they work, where they shop, where they play.

Our spotlight franchise, CherryBerry Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Bar, headquartered in Broken Arrow, OK, is rapidly expanding. The majority of stores are located in the mid-west, with locations reaching as far as Colorado, North Dakota, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas; and many new locations are opening soon. The CherryBerry business model is simple in design and highly popular. Customers grab a dish, fill it with any of 50+ rotating flavors of frozen yogurt, add as many toppings as they choose, place it on the scale and pay a flat per ounce fee – easy, quick, delicious, and a healthy choice too!

CherryBerry offers franchise opportunities and uses the power of GeoMetrx to optimize territories and provide detailed data for site selection analysis and more. Each CherryBerry franchise territory is unique and careful site selection within those territories can make the difference in the level of success of each store. Following is a site selection comparison for two CherryBerry locations – one in Enid, OK and one in Glenpool, OK. As you can see from the maps below, the Enid store is located in a more densely populated area than the Glenpool store, yet both stores are flourishing.

A more detailed site analysis reveals some of CherryBerry’s secrets to choosing successful locations:

Tips & Techniques – Using Unique Competitor Icons on Your Maps

In GeoMetrx, you can now display competitors on your maps with unique icons or symbols.  You can either upload your own icons, or let the software generate them.

In order to display your customers you need to import a file with competitor information and include a field that designates an icon will be used.

Just look for Create Competitors by following the menus My Sites, Territories and Data>Groups.  Once you’ve created your competitor group you will have a section on the Map Panel called My Competitors.  From here you can choose to display each competitor with a unique symbol or icon and its trade area.

Is There Romance on the Horizon?

How close are you to finding Romance, Harmony or even your Romeo?  Look no further than our monthly thematic map!  We’ve included a dozen roses, er… cities and towns with names that conjure up images and thoughts of Valentine’s Day. Did you know some of these towns, such as Loveland, CO, have a Valentine’s remailing program providing a romantic postmark on a card for that extra-special someone? Last year volunteers in Colorado cancelled over 160,000 cards and letters from more than 110 countries.

February’s map also includes a thematic layer depicting the percentage of ‘never married’ folks in the U.S. The light pink represents the areas with the fewest and the dark red represents the areas with the highest concentration. Will Valentine’s Day 2012 be the year some of these folks find their soulmate?

Click to see a larger version of this map.

February 2012 – Trivia Challenge

In addition to the United States, can you name the five other countries that celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Click here for the answers!