Advantages of Franchise Territory Mapping

This affordable and easy-to-use mapping software requires no training and can be used for a wide range of functions. Franchises that leverage the power of a business map can more efficiently create and manage territories which helps to sell valuable franchise territories to franchisee. In addition, business mapping can help franchises visualize their competitors and customers in a way that is not possible on paper alone.

  • Data filters and radius maps allow franchisors to effectively search and segment business data sets.
  • Improve decision-making and ensure the right choices in terms of territory creation and site selection are made.
  • Franchisors are better equipped to penetrate a new market area, resulting in increased sales and profits.
  • Franchisees will be provided with adequate territory size and income levels to generate and maintain a revenue stream that supports business revenue.

Map Visualization Tools Enable Sound Locational Decision-Making

The use of location-based analysis to select franchise locations allow businesses to operate more efficiently and make better decisions.

  • The best locations for expanding your franchise locations
  • Your most profitable customers
  • Demographic and geographic markets that are likely to offer the highest number of new customers
  • Facts that can help you determine if your franchises are achieving peak performance

Innovative geographical tools

  • Most up-to-date USA Census Tracts
  • Easily import location data, as well as business datasets to create informative map views.
  • Callouts and map notes can be used to identify existing franchise locations.
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