Create a Thriving Network of Franchises

Developing a visual representation of how your business is growing can be highly valuable when strategizing for the future. Franchise territory mapping software can help you visually enhance your business intelligence by making it easy to evaluate existing franchises, potential sites, and the locations of your customers and competitors.

With database management and easy-to-use query tools, businesses can now pinpoint the exact location of facilities, as well as areas of interest based on demographic characteristics. Using census data, businesses can also identify areas that may be underserved. You can then conduct a comprehensive intelligent site analysis on your competitors to help develop a more effective and profitable network of franchises.

Web-Based Software

With franchise territory software, you can more accurately organize and analyze your business data geographically. The software can be used to create business workflows, custom maps of franchise territories, and business expansions.

Franchise territory Mapping- Visualize

Map Visualization

Allows franchisors to make more informed decisions by providing the tools needed to visualize critical business data. When you import business data into the map software from a spreadsheet, important business locations will be pinpointed on a concise business web-based map. You can also create map classifications based on different business categories.

Franchise Territory Map

Territory Mapping

This mapping solution can be especially useful for franchisors looking to expand business. Businesses can create and manage equitable territories. This technology makes it simple to create territories from scratch or from spreadsheets containing business data. While franchise territory mapping is usually based on individual zip codes, counties, or even states, you can also choose to use convenient mapping tools to draw free form territories.

Franchise Territory Mapping - Demographics

MapPoint Replacement

You can get up-to-date street data and base maps at any time. This Microsoft MapPoint replacement offers businesses an affordable solution for comprehensive franchise territory mapping, address spreadsheet import, and geographic market analysis.

What to Expect when Using Map Business Online

When you use Map Business Online, you can either import an Excel spreadsheet or choose from one of our available datasets. The franchise mapping software allows you to analyze your data through several visualizations using customizable colors, icons, symbols and more. Map Business Online also lets you create custom text boxes, keys, legends, etc. for better readability and ease of use. Your maps can be separated by ZIP code, city, state, or country, enabling your organization to create sellable franchise territories.

Data Features and Capabilities

• Use your own business data along with the data contained in the mapping software. You can import your customer data in multiple formats including text files, CVS files, database files or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

• Display your imported business data by street address, city name, ZIP code, postal code, or by latitude and longitude (U.S. and Canada).

• Compatible with data from multiple accounting and contact management systems such as Sage ACT, Intuit QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.

• Capable of including up to 250,000 locations per map.

• Includes a variety of map symbols so that you can easily create a visually appealing map key. Plus you can add your own.

• Color-code your maps based on key business variables.

• Each map location can be labeled with the information of your choice, for example, easily note a location’s contact information, sales or product information.

• Create maps that show area intelligence for long-term planning purposes.

• Share your maps interactively online or through directly sharing or printing.

You also get NAICS market segmentation data at your fingertips, which you can combine with your own business intelligence.

Plus we include the latest U.S. Census data and related government datasets in order to provide information for both the U.S. and Canada.

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