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Business Strategy Mapping Tools for Franchisors

Map Business Online offers a variety of unique solutions for franchise business owners looking to create additional franchise territories in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to define a new franchise territory or scope out the local competition, Map Business Online has the necessary resources to assist you. The software is cloud-based and can be accessed by team members anywhere, anytime.

Customer Marketing Intelligence for Franchisees

Even if you operate a sole franchise, you may still benefit from Map Business Online which provides access to both historic and live data. You can use the information provided in the data to develop custom maps to help define your target customers by using one of the solutions provided by the software. This will help save your marketing dollars for your best prospects.


Here are some primary solutions that Map Business Online offers:

Business Listings

MBO’s standard datasets contain information on over 16 million business listings across the United States. Your organization can use the data to conduct market analyses based on employee count and sales history for active businesses. You can also create lead generation lists and check area market potential.

Franchise Territory Map

Business Map Visualizations

To create the most visually appealing and informative map possible, MBO allows you to create custom markup using the software. These include colors, markings, labels, keys, legends and more that can be customized to fit with your brand.

Franchise Territory Map

Create Heat Maps

By color-coding data points in your maps, you can quickly convey data according to locational variables. Plus show important information in a range through the use of color and saturation intensity.

Franchise Territory Mapping - Demographics

Demographic Mapping

Map Business Online provides datasets that include information about the population, including household income and number of individuals.

Map pins

Show Business Data Using Mapping Symbols

Choose from a selection of symbols included in the mapping software or use your own custom symbols. Easily categorize locations and other map information visually.

Map pins

Create Custom Graphics and Map Annotations

Drawing tools include basic shapes and lines. Plus you can choose line styles and fill colors. Create your own customizations directly on your business map.


Add Multiple Layers of Data to Your Map

You can add multiple data layers to your map including ZIP codes, counties, states, metropolitan areas, Census tracts, city boundaries, highways, and more.

Color Coded Map

Color-Code by Key Variables

With color-coding, your organization can place an emphasis on target areas and those with higher interest or value. Businesses can apply color-coding and heat mapping for in-depth analysis of financial or sales data in the area.

market analysis

Conduct Market Research

Segment your data using multiple centers then generate area profiles for comparative research on key data and demographics. Compile your data with demographic data for richer market analysis.

Franchise Territory Mapping - Demographics

Create Marketing Campaign Lists

You can search for potential customers by location and by demographics. Then you can organize your results into marketing lists that can be exported.



Import Your Own Data

You can import your own data from multiple source types. This includes spreadsheets like Excel, text files, CRM, ERP, accounting systems, and POS systems. You can also connect to a custom data source with SDK.

Radius map

Use the Radius Tool to Conduct Searches

Circle an area to find particular data points. Or use the tool to help organize marketing lists, demographics, or territories. Use the export tool to extract your data for use in other software programs.

Charts on a map

Embed Charts Directly on Your Map

You can actually include a pie or bar chart for multiple locations directly on your map. This means critical business data comparisons can be easily conveyed, such as invoices paid versus invoices due, products ordered versus products shipped, or customer traits by location, for example.

sales territory mapping by Map Business Online

Choose From a Full Array of Base Maps

When it comes to the base map, you will have your choice of professional maps created by the cartographers at Esri. You can choose satellite imagery, streets, National Geographic, or topographic maps.

territory mapping

Create Maps From a Variety of Templates

Templates include street view, state boundary, country boundary, and ZIP code boundary maps. Maps are based on the latest street data from North America. Easily combine templates using the flexible map settings and transparency function.

Franchise Territory Mapping by Zip Code

ZIP Code Mapping

MBO grants you the ability to create custom maps based on data that is separated by ZIP code. These ZIP code maps are customizable, offer several types of data and can be easily integrated with your organization’s custom software. Just getting started with your customer analysis? Head over to our free zip code demographic data tool. When you are ready to discuss a custom solution, just give us a call at 1.888.848.4436 or sign up for a free demo session during which time we can get to understand your needs better so we can get you set up on the best plan.

Get the Best Map Solution for Quickly and Easily Displaying Country, Regional, and Local Data

With our solution you can quickly create quick, one-off maps plus our mapping software lets you build more complicated maps that can even incorporate your own business data or excel data files.

While it can be difficult to convey important information via data alone, with the map visualization tools we provide, you will find it is much easier to communicate the bottom line to your customers or team members.

Use the contact form above to get in touch with our team or call us right now at (888) 848-4436 – we look forward to your call!

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