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GIS for Manufacturing – Map Your Way to the Top of Your Industry

Manufacturing companies are part of one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. As a result, the competition in the manufacturing and industrial industries is quite fierce. Developments occur at a rapid rate and technology has made it increasingly simple to boost productivity and foster growth. However, not all companies have the resources needed to keep pace in a quickly evolving manufacturing industry.

As technology continues to reshape how you do business, it is important to adopt strategic tools aimed to help your company thrive. Business mapping software is the ultimate tool for businesses in the manufacturing and industrial industries seeking to enhance their decision-making and increase their bottom line.

Make Decisions Based on Facts

Globalization has resulted in increased competition not only in the U.S. but in countries across the globe. Today, even small-scale companies in the manufacturing industry must rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to keep up with ever-changing customer requirements and business environments. Research has shown that the use of location-based analysis to choose manufacturing and industrial sites has the potential to result in higher productivity and profits.

Business mapping software benefits businesses in all industries, including those involved in manufacturing. Using this innovative mapping technology, you can more easily identify important information about your target market, such as:

  • Who your most profitable clients or customers are
  • Demographic and geographic markets that may offer you the highest number of potential new clients or customers
  • Prime locations for expanding your business
  • Details that will help you determine if your existing network of manufacturing or industrial sites are achieving peak performance

Manufacturing companies that utilize business mapping software can also take advantage of a wide range of useful tools and resources. As an example, business mapping software contains geographical tools that feature the latest U.S. Census Tracts. Additionally, your business can easily import location-enabled datasets that can be used to create informative map views. The use of callouts or map notes can also be incorporated into business maps as a way to pinpoint manufacturing and industrial locations. Business mapping software can even be used for companies with compliance concerns. With mapping technology, you can easily verify that your company is in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

Business mapping using a mapping API can be highly advantageous to any manufacturing or industrial company as it makes decision-making more data-driven which can help reduce common problems that can lead to reduced sales and profits. Through business mapping, companies can maintain an updated record of company information and sales which can enhance business operations and customer relations. This software also gives managers and employees the ability to identify emerging trends and act on them before their competitors have the chance.

Use Location Analytics to Understand the Unique Needs of Your Customers

a product manufacturer looking over a map with a clientIn the manufacturing industry, “customer experience” are not words that you hear very often. Manufacturing is a product-focused industry; however, understanding the target client is equally important. In addition to product design and pricing, properly profiling manufacturing clients through the use of geographic mapping and location analytics can dramatically improve productivity. When learning about your customer base, it is important to gather information about who they are, where they are located, how and when they make their decisions.

Understanding your customers’ needs more clearly has become a useful strategy for modern manufacturing companies. Once the information is collected, it must also be organized to gain a more concise understanding of their expectations of a manufacturer. Dividing customers into subgroups based on various characteristics or behaviors can be an effective way to organize your information and modify your business practices to meet the unique needs of your customers. This is known as a market segment analysis.

A market segment analysis can determine who the target customer base is; whether this is a business developing a business plan or establishing a product launch. A market segment analysis involves establishing who the market is for your products or services, followed by breaking this large group into smaller segments. With a market segment analysis, you are looking at the smaller groups to identify specific customer needs that are unique to each section. These micro-markets make up just a small piece of the larger market; the marketing message for each segment should be different. Market segments may be based on general demographic information or other details, such as buying habits.

What makes business-focused GIS mapping software so versatile is that it can be used to help businesses achieve better customer market segmentation. This is done by optimizing each segment to create a unique view of your customers. Customers can easily be filtered by location, budget, and similar elements related to your industry. If you have data that can be imported, you can use it to further categorize your customer base. Using this information, businesses can discover more opportunities to grow their business. They can also develop effective strategies designed to strengthen their relationships with customers.

Easily Analyze Your Demographics

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to manufacturing companies is location selection. Manufacturers must adhere to strict laws and regulations in terms of where they can operate a manufacturing or industrial business. These parameters can also restrict the growth of established locations. Business mapping software makes it easier for these companies to locate potential sites for new facilities, as well as those of competitors and customers. Mapping software technology can also be useful for weighing the pros and cons of different site locations. Database management and query tools make it simple to analyze demographics in a way that puts you closer to your goals and objectives.

business mapping data being analyzed by an industrial business ownerConducting an intelligent site analysis is one of the best ways to visualize potential new sites. With an intelligent site analysis, you can gain an all-encompassing view of each of your real estate decisions and weigh the benefits of each based on a set of intelligence relating to real estate and incentives. This helps ensure that you find the optimal sites for your distinct business needs. With the help of business mapping software, you can use geographical information system (GIS) mapping tools to efficiently collect, store, visualize and analyze location-based data.

Business mapping software can help industrial and manufacturing industry businesses enhance their intelligence through a visual aide. With cutting-edge mapping technology, you essentially have the demographic characteristics of all of your customer areas of interest available with the click of a button. In addition, businesses can utilize census data to help them discover sections that may be underserved. Manufacturing and industrial companies can also conduct intelligent site analyses on their competitors to gain a better understanding of where they stand. Manufacturing companies of all sizes and in all locations can benefit from learning about their competitors. This is especially true if you operate your business in a location where competition is very high.

Leverage the Benefits of Business Mapping Software

A growing number of businesses in the industrial and manufacturing industries are starting to leverage the power of business mapping software. Not only is business mapping software an affordable and easily obtainable tool, but it also provides a wide range of functions that can be incorporated into nearly any business plan. Understanding that maps are subjective, data specific to your firm can be used to create a bank of information unique to your company. Even if you are not experienced with mapping tools, it is easy to keep it simple by minimizing the use of data layers.

As technology continues to evolve and adapt, it is now easier than ever to use business mapping software. Simply import an Excel spreadsheet containing your business data and you can quickly create a map that will give you the visuals you need to move forward with your business plans. Business mapping tools allow you to easily see your business resources, prospects, customers and competition all on a convenient and accurate business map. Business mapping software is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Sustainable Business Growth With a Plan

While most business owners understand the basics of business mapping, few know the wide range of functions that these maps can deliver. Business mapping software can be used to visualize customers and competitors, create and manage sales territories, and decrease fuel costs. It can also be used to boost productivity by giving you a detailed analysis that shows you where you can make improvements. Modern business mapping technology even allows companies to communicate with their maps. This means you will be able to share the map URLs, print wall maps, and even embed maps in your presentations.

Business maps allow your data to come alive, giving you a greater opportunity to maximize growth and increase your profit margin. Companies of all sizes and in all industries can use business mapping tools to take their business intelligence to the next level. The flexible software allows businesses to map up to 250,000 locations per map, label their locations, and create radius maps to achieve geographic search capabilities.

the owner of a manufacturing company shaking hands with a business mapping expertThese maps can be color-coded or display important data like population and income trends. Whether you need to map just a handful of locations of tens of thousands, this technology will work for you to expose geographic trends and patterns.

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Many companies within the manufacturing industry are increasing their level of digitization. The ability to remain competitive is imperative to manufacturing and industrial companies of all sizes. A key to competition is strength in organization and analysis of business data. Business mapping software provides manufacturing companies with the power to collect and organize business data, explore new markets, and consider growth opportunities. To learn more about business mapping software or to get started, reach out to the business mapping experts at Geographic Enterprises today.

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