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Real Estate Mapping Software to Help Improve Your Business Decision-Making

The real estate industry is quite vast, consisting of land, buildings, roads, fixtures, structures and utility systems. According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), there are an estimated 2 million active real estate licensees in the U.S. and approximately 86,000 real estate brokerage firms. As competition in the real estate agency continues to grow at a rapid rate, real estate agents and agency owners must leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. Real estate mapping has become a valuable resource for businesses looking to better organize business intelligence geographically using comprehensive location data.

Today, property buyers and sellers have more options than ever due to a growing pool of licensed agents across the United States. The thriving digital world has also made it easier for sellers and buyers to complete transactions with minimal direct contact with actual professionals in the field. With platforms like Zillow, Realtor and Trulia, web users can browse photos, research neighborhoods and see new properties as soon as they are listed. Competing online real estate services makes it challenging for brick-and-mortar businesses to retain a loyal customer base. With real estate mapping software, your real estate agency can acquire the data and intelligence it needs to be successful in a competitive market.

Mapping Software for Real Estate – Gain Key Insights From Location Analysis Tools

The decisions you make on behalf of your business can have a significant impact on your level of growth and ability to reach short-term and long-term goals. What makes real estate mapping so valuable is that it provides the decision-makers within a business with the tools they need to perform important market analyses in a rapidly changing real estate industry. This technology allows real estate agencies to select franchise locations more efficiently, resulting in a higher number of clients and bigger profits. As your agency grows, your brand is more likely to become a household name.

To improve your decision-making, real estate mapping tools can help you identify a wide range of information about your market, such as:

  • Top locations for expanding your agency network
  • Demographic and geographic markets that offer the most potential new customers
  • Location of your most profitable customers
  • Details that will help you determine if your network of agencies is delivering optimal performance

Cutting-edge real estate mapping resources include useful geographic tools that use up-to-date USA Census Tracts. This allows businesses to easily import location-based data or various business datasets to aid in the creation of informative map views. Callouts and map notes can be useful for identifying real estate agency locations. The tools can even be used to help you verify your compliance with local regulations.

Understand Your Real Estate Customers

Real estate mapping software offers many functions designed to expedite growth. It is important for real estate agencies of all sizes to establish a solid customer-centric strategy that focuses on understanding the needs of customers. Customer segmentation is a common tactic used by marketers to learn more about their customers based on characteristics and behaviors. By dividing customers into subgroups, real estate agencies are able to deliver more personalized services.

By optimizing each individual segment, businesses can absorb essential knowledge about what customers are looking for when they seek out a real estate agent. Real estate mapping software can help businesses in the industry achieve a better market customer segmentation analysis which can open up new opportunities. This technology allows businesses to easily filter their customers by location, drive time or other aspects of imported data like average income. With this information, you can determine how to best invest your resources. This software can also be useful in the planning and implementation of marketing strategies and the strengthening of realtor-customer relationships.

Identify Prime Real Estate Property Locations

a real estate agent who is analyzing map data to see where prospective buyers areWith real estate mapping technology, businesses can also conduct intelligent site analysis. Improve your business intelligence by outlining the advantages and disadvantages of different locations for your business franchises. Powerful location tools, as well as query tools and a comprehensive database management system, makes it easy for businesses to choose the ideal locations for new facilities. These tools can also help pinpoint potential customers, as well as competitors.

The mapping capabilities of this software are quite extensive. Input your data and you will have the demographic characteristics of your customer areas of interest easily accessible when needed. In addition, census data can be used to help you identify areas that may be currently underserved. Use this information to your advantage to grow your business. By conducting an analysis of your local competitors, you can gather sufficient data to develop an efficient franchise network.

Acquire Effective Business Solutions

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from web-based business mapping. With the ability to create custom maps of sales territories, business expansions and business workflows, there is no better way to stay organized and analyze your business data geographically. Getting started is easy. Just import your Excel spreadsheets containing business data to the software and you can instantly visualize your customers, resources and prospects on an easy-to-analyze map.

Real estate mapping provides industry professionals with a variety of solutions, including business map visualizations. Make more informed decisions by visualizing your business data on a map of your local area, the state, the U.S. or even the world. You can also create map classifications based on specific business categories. This not only a great way to organize important data but also allows you to see and review important information in a visual way.

Real estate mapping software can also be a viable solution for businesses that want to better analyze their sales territories. With business mapping software, real estate agencies can both create and manage their sales territories. Online mapping tools allow these businesses to create sales territories from scratch or from spreadsheets containing geographical data. Often, sales territory maps contain data based on zip codes, states or counties. However, this software also allows businesses to draw free form sales territories with easy-to-use tools and resources.

Real estate mapping software offers an excellent Microsoft MapPoint replacement. With up-to-date base maps and comprehensive street data, real estate mapping offers agencies the ultimate solution for easy address spreadsheet import, optimized routing, sales territory mapping and geographic market analysis.

Leverage the Power of Maps

Business mapping software is readily available and easy to use. With tons of innovative features and solutions, this technology delivers businesses with some most advanced geographic analysis tools on the market. No training is required to run the web-based software. Finance, Franchise planning, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing and Industrial, and Real Estate are all industries that we cover!

There are numerous benefits that real estate mapping software can provide, including:

  • Create and manage sales territories to target consumers more accurately and ensure continued business growth.
  • Visualize competitors and customers on a map to improve strategic planning and expand business intelligence.
  • Import, segment and manage business datasets and organize information with data filters and radius maps.
  • Lower fuel costs with optimized vehicle routing which can also boost productivity among employees.
  • Communicate more efficiently with maps that can be shared, printed into wall maps and/or embedded into presentations.
  • Set up shared map editing capabilities to allow your entire team to analyze and manage business data more effectively.


Online business maps have become one of the go-to tools used by businesses to enhance growth and improve workflow. There are countless mapping solutions available for use by professionals in the real estate industry, such as market analysis, demographics identification, competitor map creation, routing optimization, sales pipeline visualization and sales call mapping.

Using GIS mapping allows allows real estate agencies to analyze almost everything. Stay one step ahead of the competition by using tools such as filters, segments and territory reporting, which help you discover important trends in your data. Mapping software also allows you to make the most of your time by improving efficiency. Easily create and optimize your route plans to boost your productivity. Greater productivity often equals greater profits.

real estate data provided by mapping softwareBusiness mapping technology can also help businesses mitigate risks. With the ability to identify weak links in the supply chain and reveal possibly unsafe routes, you can help keep your employees and your investment safe from harm. Another important benefit that business mapping provides is a more in-depth look at data interaction. With the help of maps, you can gain a better understanding of how your data interrelates and can come together to help you reach your goals.

There are many other things to like about real estate mapping. With all of your data in one central place, you can make more informed decisions. Eliminate any confusion about where to find spreadsheets or other documents. Web-based mapping ensures that the information you need is available at the touch of a button. With the ability to share your maps, your team can also stay informed. This technology comes equipped with real-time updates to ensure that any changes you or your team make are visible to anyone viewing the map.

Learn More About Business Mapping

The real estate industry is constantly on the move, challenging businesses to keep up. Countless new agents join the industry on a daily basis, increasing the competition among agents to make new and retain previous clients. Today, professionals in this industry must take the initiative to make themselves stand out from the competition. In a highly digital world, one of the best ways to achieve this through web-based business mapping tools.

Seeing your business data displayed on an accurate map can reveal relationships, patterns and trends that can help your business grow. Geographic Enterprises offers an affordable and easy-to-use business mapping software, Map Business Online, which is designed to make mapping fast and simple. For more information about how Map Business Online can benefit your organization, or to inquire about a free trial, contact the business mapping experts at Geographic Enterprises today.

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