This is a bit off subject, but interesting nontheless.

Check out this article & heat maps of the Federal Budget on the Atlantic Monthly website.  Although they are not geographic maps, this technique (now commonly used to show stock market valuation changes by industry segment or company) is a great way of visualizing this data to make the point of how big entitlements have gotten and what changes are proposed in the new budget.

The interactive version of the heat map is on the New York Times site.  Quickly switching back and forth between 2010 & 2011, you can see how segments of the budget expand & contract year-to-year.  One of the most drastic changes is the $63 Billion increase in the Net Interest paid on our debt from $188 Billion in 2010 to $251 Billion in 2011.  That is a 33.5% increase in one year.  Ouch!

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