Spatial Data Integration That Works with Your Fleet Management Software

mapping-resources-city-with-location-pinsWhen it comes to running a successful fleet, safety and efficiency are essential. But, if a company raises its safety standards, it might notice a decrease in efficiency. Safety measures that are less efficient will also sink. What is causing this tension between safety and efficiency? There are many factors that contribute to this problem: shorter delivery windows, competition for speedy delivery times, and new safety regulations. A thriving business and fleet safety are not mutually exclusive. The two should be interdependent.

Enabling Greater Safety by Integrating the Best Source for Spatial Data 

Safe delivery has many benefits. Truck drivers and road users both benefit from safe delivery by monitoring driver behavior and incentivizing safer driving. Improved driving means fewer assets are at risk due to collisions. 

You can also reap the benefits of improved driving habits, including lower fuel costs and insurance premiums. This will help you improve your company’s culture. Drivers who receive real-time feedback from their fleets have reported a drop in distracted driving and traffic violations of up to 61%. 

The challenges are clear when you look at the last mile. Safety measures can seem like obstacles to efficiency due to tight delivery windows, high competition, and inexperienced drivers. E-commerce has made it clear that consumers are not patient for slow delivery times and are less likely than ever to order again after having a bad experience. 

How can safety issues get solved effectively? A location platform can be a great help.

Our fleet management solution provides truck-specific routing that allows you to plan the best routes based upon unique attributes like maximum height and weight clearance. Fleets can plan the best route by using customizable geofencing, isoline routing and toll cost analysis. This allows them to take into account travel time, fuel costs, and tolls.

In a matter of seconds, road conditions can change. Drivers can avoid accidents, heavy congestion, and extreme weather by having comprehensive road coverage and cutting-edge rerouting capabilities based on real time traffic data and truck-specific attributes.

Turn-by-turn navigation that is based on truck routing is crucial. We navigate these trucks through many different environments. Eleos Technologies CEO Kevin Survance stated that doing so safely and in the fastest way possible is our core business.

Spatial Data Precision is Essential

You need precise location information to get the visibility that you require. Drivers can make better decisions and avoid unnecessary delays, which will reduce inefficiencies and increase cost. Drivers can make better decisions and be more productive by using the right data and tools for their job.

The location platform is essential for developing digital tools and apps that drivers and fleet managers require to improve safety and performance, bringing together enterprise-grade location services, data and tools to solve logistic problems and uncover new insights.

Our platform allows companies to create contextually aware apps that give drivers the right information at the right moment.

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Our HERE Map Data solutions are able to power your fleet management and mobile asset management apps. In addition to internal use by your company or organization, we can help you establish licensing so that your customers can use your fleet management software. HERE’s accuracy makes it possible to track, route, and optimize mobile assets.

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