Using Real-Time Location Intelligence for Urban Mobility Planning is Changing Movement in Cities

mapping-datasets-being-used-for-business-planningWhile the world’s largest cities are magnificent and impressive, they also have huge inequalities in mobility and technology access. The use of location technology during the urban planning process can help bring a solution to your problems.

It is likely that people who live in poorer communities commute to work more slowly and more often than those who live in wealthier neighborhoods. This is only one example of the impact urban planning can make on equity and social justice.

Urban environments pose a number of challenges, whether you are a private company that moves people or goods or a government agency responsible for traffic flow management. All those who want to improve urban mobility must share the same goals: greater safety, less pollution, better consumer experience and more well-organized networks.

The future of city transportation is changing rapidly. This is a great opportunity for companies to improve their services, and for the public sector to better understand and manage transit and transportation networks.

Expand route options

Rich map content and attributes should be used to serve all modes of transportation. Real-time traffic information and alerts can help passengers find faster routes. Rely on the most current POI and address information with our solution.

Create safer journeys

Smart routes allow for safe pickups and prompt drop-offs. Real-time traffic updates will help you avoid unnecessary block turns.

Make sure you use the best SDK

You can create your solution from scratch, or enhance it with high-quality location data and the best SDK location tools available. We also offer flexible business models.

Here are some of our spatial data products and services that support urban mobility:

Intermodal Journeys

When planning routes, combine multiple modes of transportation. You can integrate on-demand, scheduled and micro-mobility services.


Plan stress-free. Explore our route portfolio for different modes of transportation.

Advanced Routing Available

Ensure your operation is optimized with features like traffic warnings, accurate ETAs, vehicle allocations, turn-by-turn navigation, intuitive pick-up/drop-off locations, and efficient traffic warnings.

HERE Places

Develop applications that let users search for places and addresses, and get detailed information.

HERE Geocoding & Search

Allows precise conversion and discovery of geocoordinates and addresses for improved location accuracy and context.

HERE Routing

Plan stress-free trips. Explore our route portfolio for different modes of transportation.

Matrix Routing

Calculate routing matrixes, travel times, and/or distances for up to 10,000 origins or 10,000 destinations.

Charging and Routing Electric Vehicles

You can extend your routing service by adding EV-specific options.

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