a businessman managing a sales territorySales territory management is a critical component of any business involved in sales. The proper management of sales territories can lead to greater team morale, a higher number of sales, and a more efficient allocation of resources. Sales territory mapping can also provide a more accurate evaluation of sales performance and ensure that each member of the team has a fair opportunity to do well in their position.

Sales territory management involves a strategy that ensures all sales representatives have access to equal opportunities to make a sale. Managing a territory involves a series of tasks, such as developing a visit rotation schedule, optimizing for long-term ROI, accounting for seasonal trends, tracking performance over time, and ensuring that the sales territory is divided in a way that maximizes efficiency.

Managing A Sales Territory

A sales territory plan provides direction to sales reps on where to focus their time. Before looking at which market segments sales reps should focus on, the first step in the process is to understand what the customers are looking for when they seek certain products.

With this information, sales teams can better target the most opportunistic markets and better meet the needs of customers based on interests. It is also important to consider what buyers care about when they make a purchase. In addition to the product itself, many consumers consider other aspects, including customer service and support. Customers and the market are always evolving; therefore, this process must be revisited regularly.
Some business leaders may struggle with sales territory management or may find that their current territories are being unevenly serviced. Follow these tips for better management of a sales territory.

Take Detailed Notes

taking detailed notes is essential to managing a sales territoryTaking detailed notes after encounters with new and existing customers can be highly advantageous in the long-term. Not every customer will require a page full of notes but it can be helpful to jot down a few things that stand out during the conversation. Notes can be something as simple as the customer’s interest, such as their coin collecting hobby.

During the next visit, bringing up this hobby can show the client that the business is interested in forming a relationship. More detailed notes should also be taken, such as the client’s available budget to spend on the product or service, and how often they are interested in making a purchase.

Break Up The Territories For Sales Teams

Sales teams may be made up of a few key employees or dozens of reps. It is important to use each rep to their full potential by dividing up sales routes in a manner that maximizes both time and costs. When routes are properly optimized, each member of the team has the chance to make a sale and less time is spent on driving. Route optimization also increases the number of customers that each sales rep can see in a day, boosting the business’s bottom line.

Make Your Meetings Memorable

Meetings with sales reps can quickly go stale if there is never any new information or updates to share. It is important to make each meeting as memorable as possible to enhance employee productivity and morale, especially if meetings are spaced far apart due to time constraints.
During each meeting, be prepared with detailed notes about what the team has accomplished and in what direction the team should go based on prior data. Conversations should be focused on goals and objectives to motivate the reps to continue doing their best to sell the products.

Utilize Sales Territory Mapping Software

using sales territory mapping software is important for managingMapping territories by hand can be an arduous process. Fortunately, advances in technology enable businesses to map their sales territories digitally. There are many benefits to using sales territory mapping software, such as the ability to measure performance. Sales territory mapping software often comes equipped with analytical tools that can be used for review purposes and performance reporting.
Sales territory mapping software can also help businesses gain hidden insights through data visualization capabilities, delegate work more effectively, and boost collaboration between team members. The right software can even increase sales over time by maximizing how much time sales reps spend selling on the ground.

Speak With The Sales Territory Mapping Experts

Territories can be defined by multiple factors, such as sales potential, geography, sales history, or a combination of these factors. The primary objective of a sales territory map is to make sure that sales territories are well-balanced to prevent overlapping and wasted resources.

Sales territory mapping software can be a fast and efficient way to streamline the territory mapping process by gaining access to data-driven tools. To learn more about how to manage a sales territory or to see how sales territory mapping software can help a sales team reach their goals, contact the mapping experts at Geographic Enterprises.