consultant utilizes the data drom GIS mapping to highlight keypoints in the businessGeographic information system (GIS) mapping is commonly used to produce data visualizations in the form of easy-to-read maps. There are several types of GIS maps used by small businesses, such as category maps, quantity maps, bubble maps, heat maps and cluster maps. What separates these digital maps from printed maps is interactivity. Similar to how Google Maps works, GIS maps can be panned and zoomed and items can be clicked for more information. GIS mapping software comes with many different tools and features to create custom maps that align with key business goals.

What Is GIS Mapping?

A geographic information system is a type of framework used for gathering, managing and analyzing data. This technology integrates many types of data and is able to offer businesses greater insight into their information, such as relationships, patterns and situations, all of which can aid in the decision-making process. GIS mapping is useful for organizing and sharing information. Maps can even be embedded into apps where they become accessible by nearly anyone, anywhere.

Primary Uses Of GIS Mapping In Business

GIS mapping can be highly advantageous for businesses that require guidance when making strategic decisions. Data intelligence that is compiled using GIS software can help businesses in nearly all industries to resolve problems that they may be experiencing and discover new opportunities for growth.

There are many uses of GIS mapping in business, such as the following:

Identify Consumer Brand Preferences

Consumers consider a wide range of factors when deciding to purchase a product or service. One of the leading factors considered is the brand. Some brands are more trusted than others and this can make a big difference in a consumer’s decision to complete a transaction. GIS mapping helps businesses gain valuable customer insight and uncover data that includes buying habits and brand preferences.

Improve Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the practices, principles and guidelines that a business follows when interacting with consumers. The primary goal of CRM is to enhance the overall customer experience. GIS mapping allows businesses to better interact with customers in an effective and efficient way.

Discover Sales Opportunities

business consultant utilizes the devices to plot out data in the GIS mapping softwareGIS mapping is highly useful for discovering new sales opportunities as businesses are always on the lookout for ways to reach new customers and expand their reach. Businesses can use geographic information systems to accurately evaluate the supply and demand models to determine when and where they should sell. GIS can also be integrated with other business systems for a more strategic approach to sales.

Develop Marketing Campaigns

GIS mapping has been found useful in the development of marketing campaigns. It can also be used to segment customers based on location, create geographically-targeted digital advertising, build location-based push notifications and provide personalized recommendations for many aspects of a consumer’s life. For these reasons and more, many organizations make GIS mapping an integral part of their marketing campaigns.

Importance Of Utilizing GIS Mapping Software

GIS mapping is a highly versatile tool providing countless benefits to growing businesses. This technology aids in nearly every aspect of the decision-making process, ensuring that all decisions are based on data-backed evidence and patterns.

Here is a look at some of the top benefits of GIS mapping and how this software aids in business processes:

Organize Comprehensive Data Visually

One of the biggest benefits of GIS mapping is its ability to organize large amounts of business data into one comprehensive visual display. With GIS mapping, sales managers easily upload data and create visual maps that are easy to read and understand. Data can also be portrayed in a variety of ways, such as with heat maps or pin maps.

Easily Access And Share Maps

GIS mapping software offers many functionalities that enable sales managers to share maps using technology such as the cloud. In addition to sharing maps with team members, these interactive maps can also be accessed from nearly any device that has an internet connection. GIS mapping software is designed to be used on both desktops and mobile devices to allow team members access to maps in the office or while on the road.

Gain More Information About Customers

The use of GIS mapping software is also useful for learning more about customers and prospects. GIS technology, coupled with data analytics tools, helps businesses learn about the spending habits and other important aspects of their current and prospective customers. This information is useful when crafting a targeted marketing campaign based on data.

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business consultant examines something in the data stemming from the GIS mapping softwareGIS mapping software is a powerful resource for businesses that want to learn and grow from their data. To learn more about how GIS mapping is used in business or to acquire GIS mapping software for a business, reach out to the GIS mapping experts at Geographic Enterprises today.