staff of one of the nonprofit organizations are excited about the results stemming from using mapping softwareGeographic information systems (GIS) have seen steady growth and innovation in the past several years. Not only does it present unique opportunities for growth, but GIS technology has also proven to be a valuable resource for many businesses, especially those in the nonprofit sector. Cutting-edge technologies such as mapping software are able to provide nonprofit organizations with a wide range of benefits.

Mapping software saves organizations time and money by making it easy to measure progress and identify new opportunities. It is also useful for sharing information with team members and external users.

The Basics Of Mapping Software For Nonprofit Organizations

Mapping software is an advanced computer system that enables businesses to map, query, model and analyze large amounts of data using a single database. Mapping software allows businesses to create maps that integrate important data from multiple sources making it easy to visualize patterns and develop solutions to potential problems.

Here are some valuable ways for nonprofit organizations to use mapping software:

Create A Wide Range Of Map Types

Mapping software allows nonprofit organizations to make a wide variety of maps; heat maps may be used to display the level of density in a particular area allowing organizations to better focus on the areas that need the most attention. Pin maps are generally made using map markers to plot landmarks, people, locations, events or other important data; when a pin is clicked, it has the ability to display a wealth of information.

Filter And Organize Data Interactively

Nonprofit organizations will benefit from the array of tools offered by mapping software. Modern mapping software makes it easy to organize data in a way that best complements the business and its processes and goals. Mapping tools also provide organizations with greater control over the manner in which they see data. There are many customizable features that enable organizations to filter data to better identify patterns and locate key information. Using mapping software, businesses can filter by name, address, age, email, phone number, number of donations, amount donated and similar data.

Access Your Maps From The Cloud

Business maps are only useful if team members are able to access them when they need them most which is what cloud technology offers to nonprofit organizations. When collaborating in an office, working in the field or presenting data to potential donors, it is important to be able to access mapping information with just a few clicks of a button. Cloud technology provides access to the maps anywhere and from nearly any device with an internet connection.

Improve Overall Efficiency

employees of one of the nonprofit organizations analyze the mapping software dataThe use of technology has boosted business efficiency; mapping software simplifies the process of business for nonprofits. Consumer and geographic data are easily converted into map formation to create a visual representation of current sales territories and targets. Mapping software enables businesses to expand their sales territories and optimize logistics.

The Benefits Of Mapping Software For Nonprofits

Mapping software delivers many efficiency and logistic benefits to nonprofit organizations. Data mapping assists nonprofits with optimizing the organization of their data in a cost-effective way, while also creating patterns that identify profitable opportunities.

Some of the other top benefits of mapping software for nonprofit organizations include:

Spread Awareness Of Particular Issues

Visual mapping software is highly useful for creating public awareness and supporting pressure for policy change. Maps create visual representations of the problem that a business is experiencing and is an excellent asset when spreading awareness about a particular topic.

Present Your Data In A Professional Manner

Mapping software offers dozens of useful tools that help in the creation of well-organized maps. Not only do these tools create maps that are organized and comprehensive, but also professional and accessible. This can be useful when sharing maps with potential donors or other groups.

Share Visualizations Of Important Issues

Having numerous spreadsheets filled with data is ultimately useless if a business is not able to absorb and utilize the information in a productive manner. Mapping software converts this data into visually-appealing maps that are easy to read and understand. This includes the identification of important issues that a nonprofit may be experiencing.

Provide Contribution Updates To Donors

Individuals or businesses that donate to a particular cause want to know how their money is being distributed and applied to the cause. Mapping software demonstrates this by showing interactive maps containing a wide range of business data. These maps are able to be updated as needed.

Speak With The Mapping Software Experts

consulting firm for nonprofit organizations reads the data on the utilization of mapping softwareIf you are interested in learning more about the benefits for nonprofit organizations using mapping software, or want to acquire mapping software for a nonprofit. Reach out to the mapping software experts at Geographic Enterprises.