Business technology concept. Business mapping software can be useful in the creation of optimized sales territoriesTechnology has revolutionized the way that businesses build maps. Today, enterprises can leverage innovative mapping software to promote effective collaboration between sales managers and their teams. Business mapping software can be useful in the creation of optimized sales territories, improve sales performance and increase quota attainment. Mapping software can also provide businesses with unique insight on sales patterns and their long-term performance.

Here are some of the primary benefits of business mapping software for organizations:

Understand the Market

Developing a strategic approach towards sales requires a strong understanding of current and future markets. Business mapping software helps businesses develop short-term or long-term strategic plans based on sales data. Business maps provide visualization tools that help organizations better analyze the market in certain zip codes, regions or among specific demographics.

Identify Areas of Concentration

When sales data is not laid out visually on a map, it can be difficult to spot problems. Some areas may be receiving too much attention, while other areas not enough. When this data is uploaded to a map, it becomes easy to identify areas that require greater focus. Business mapping software can also identify areas that may be busy with competitor activity. Creating a competitor map enables businesses to see exactly what they are up against.

Progress Towards End Goals

Business strategy and goal concept. Business mapping software helps accelerate reaching their goals fasterGoal setting is a common practice by businesses of all sizes with goals that range from reaching specific quotas by the end of the year to increasing the profit margin by a certain percentage by a specified date. Business mapping software helps businesses realize their potential and reach these goals faster by putting mapping data to work in strategic business plans.

Select from Several Map Types

No two businesses are exactly alike and therefore do not have the same needs or goals. For this reason, there are many different types of maps commonly used in business mapping software to help all organizations better organize their data in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Some of the most common map types include:

Color Coded Maps

Color coded maps use contrasting colors in a way that visually represents critical business data. Software tools allow businesses to import business data and color code it in a variety of ways, such as by zip codes or sales territories. The varying colors make it easy to see defined areas on a map.

Heat Maps

Heat maps can also be useful for organizing business data. Modern mapping software includes color coding shading controls that enable businesses to scale areas on a map from cold to hot or hot to cold using colors to represent which areas are receiving the most attention.

ZIP Code Maps

One of the easiest ways to organize sales information on a map is by zip code. Sales managers can use zip codes and associated demographic information to more easily define successful markets allowing them to be replicated in other areas. Organizing sales territory maps by zip codes also makes it easy to assign team members to various regions on a map.

Store Maps in the Cloud

Technology has gone a long way in recent decades; businesses are now able to easily store their maps in cloud storage where they can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, as well as across different devices including PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices. Having the ability to work in different locations can save team members time and help them remain productive.

Share and Collaborate Easily

Business maps are no longer limited to just one computer or device, they can now be stored on the cloud allowing for simplified sharing and collaboration. Teams are able to work on these maps remotely, even from different offices, states or countries. Changes can also be made in real time and convenient features such as in-app notifications ensure that everyone is informed of changes.

Reduce Costs Significantly

Graph showing increasing value against reducing cost. Investing in quality business mapping software can save moneyInvesting in quality business mapping software can actually save businesses money. With business mapping software, there are no additional costs associated with IT support, installations, new hardware, data transfers or backups. The only requirement is an up-to-date internet browser, allowing data to be mapped within minutes.

Receive Support

With business mapping software, sales teams will gain access to fast, real-time support when they need it most, receive customized training for sales teams directly through the software as well as live chat support and access to a large library of online help resources.

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