Geometrx sales territoriesIn a perfect world, planning territories and setting sales quotas should be a simple endeavor, but in this ever-changing world, it can be quite complicated.  As a company grows and geographical areas develop, quotas and sales goals also have to develop.

The onslaught of changing information can be difficult to keep on top of and analysis of the data can lag behind.  There is also the problem of mistakes.  Manual tracking and analysis are prone to errors.  All of this can add up to lost revenue in the long run.

There is a definite need to computerize the process. Doing such will more accurately adjust the sales quotas against the company’s spending plan and sales goals.  Here are some benefits of managing sales territories and quotas:

Administration is connected.  Once the administration sets up sales goals for the year, these are passed down to the sales team to implement, but as changes come about throughout the year these goals are usually slow to keep up.  Being able to map changing business data and demographics could allow your sales team to become more efficient in maximizing their sales.

Improved efficiency.  With management and the sales team able to track the most recent business data they can become more efficient in setting targets.  Where are the hotspots?  Where are they lagging?  Does an area need more team members, does another area need less?  These adjustments help management use their personnel in the most efficient manner.

New sales personnel up and running quickly.  When you determine you need more sales personnel, assigning them their territory and quotas is much quicker when you are able to determine exactly where they are needed.  The sooner you get them out selling the quicker they are bringing in revenue.

Keeping an eye on territories and sales quotas throughout the year helps management to keep on target to set goals.  Geometrx mapping software helps you “keep your eye on the prize.”  Contact Geometrx for a free demonstration of what their software can do for you.  Contact Geometrx at 888-848-4436.