sales territory mapping software offers metrics and data that a salesperson can use to make better decisionsMany businesses are taking a proactive approach to sales territory design with the use of sales territory mapping software. Sales territory mapping allows sales teams to achieve greater productivity and higher rates of customer satisfaction. Mapping software makes it easy for sales teams to optimize their data by allocating territories based on drive time, ZIP codes or household income. Maps can even be divided by pins and color-coding to create a highly visual resource that can be shared between sales reps. Managing a sales territory can be complex but sales territory mapping software makes the process fast and efficient.

Creating sales territories manually can be a long and tedious process. With mapping software, business data can be imported in minutes, meaning less time spent in the office and more time reaching out to customers. Sales teams can benefit from this software in other ways too, as discussed further below.

Benefits Of Sales Territory Mapping Software For Sales Teams

Sales territory mapping software offers more benefits to sales teams than most sales managers realize. Quality mapping software improves market coverage and allows sales teams to be more efficient in the field. Sales teams that take advantage of mapping software also gain a significant advantage over competitors who have yet to adopt this software. Whether the goal is to create more balanced territories for sales reps or optimize routes for drivers, the use of sales territory mapping software can speed up the process.

Some top benefits of sales territory mapping for sales teams include:

Direct Customer Insights

sales territory mapping software shows different types of data a salesperson might want to useOne of the biggest benefits of using sales territory mapping is the chance to better understand customers. Understanding customers allows sales reps to better sell products knowing what the customer wants and what they can afford. Sales territory maps also make it easy to see customer and prospect demographics including age, gender, marital status, education and income. With direct customer insights, sales teams can better determine which areas and customers are likely to be most profitable and which are not. Once this information has been confirmed, businesses can develop sales strategies based on mapping information.

Optimized Routes & Territories

Sales territory mapping software can also be useful for optimizing sales routes and territories by segmenting customers based on the distance from one location to the next. Territories can then be developed based on these findings to allow sales reps to go from customer to customer with the most efficient route possible. This not only saves time but also conserves gas and wear and tear on vehicles. It takes just a few clicks to create customized sales routes that reps can use while traveling.

Even Workload Balance Between Members

Some sales teams experience uneven workloads, meaning some sales reps are placed in territories with a lot of customers while others work in territories with fewer prospects. The reps in highly populated territories may have trouble visiting all customers within the specified timeframe and could become overwhelmed with the workload. The reps in lower populated areas may not have enough prospects which could make it difficult to meet quotas. In some cases, territories will overlap which can cause confusion and problems between reps. Sales territory mapping software allows sales managers to create a fair balance and ensure only one rep is assigned to a specific area.

Increased Opportunities Of Closing Sales

Many sales teams find that business mapping software increases opportunities for closing sales. Sales territory mapping software allows sales reps to understand what their target audience is looking for, increasing their chances of closing a sale. Sales territory mapping is useful for discovering underserved areas that may need extra focus. When sales reps move into these underserved areas, they are often able to close sales more easily as the product or service is in high demand. Discovering new opportunities for growth is a major benefit of mapping software.

Speak To A Professional Mapping Software Company

sales territory mapping software has tools to alter data into the specification the user wantMore companies are choosing to organize the activities of their sales team with innovative sales territory mapping software. While developing a sales territory plan is not a simple task, quality software makes the process easier by providing a wide range of cutting-edge tools and features to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Not all sales territory mapping software is the same; therefore, it is important to compare different options and features to determine which is right for a particular business. For more information about the benefits of sales territory mapping software for sales teams or to acquire business mapping software, reach out to the mapping professionals at Geographic Enterprises.