Geographic Enterprises online territory mapping managerSales territory mapping is a powerful sales strategy to ensure smooth and targeted communications between sales and marketing teams. You can create, store, and analyze the information within your marketing automation platform in several ways – all of which help ensure that your salespeople are working as effectively as possible toward their various goals. If your business has online territory mapping manager software in place but doesn’t utilize it to its fullest extent, you could be leaving behind a lot of money. Money that could have supported business objectives, boosted your bottom line, and taken the company to a higher level. Here are a few tips to perfect your sales territory mapping.

What is Sales Territory Mapping?

The process of dividing a sales region into smaller, more manageable areas is known as sales territory mapping. After that, each area is assigned to a specific sales representative. Sales territory mapping aims to create an efficient and effective sales organization by providing each sales representative with a manageable area to cover. When creating a sales territory map, several factors must be considered. These factors include:

  • The size and shape of the sales region
  • The number of customers in each area
  • The type of products or services being sold
  • The abilities and experience of the sales representatives

How to Perfect Sales Territory Map

Effectively mapping out your sales territories is critical to your company’s success. There are a few key factors to consider when mapping sales territories to create an effective plan. Following these six steps will allow you to create an efficient and logical sales territory map that will assist your team in closing more deals and increasing revenue.

Define Your Business Goals. Before you can start mapping out your sales territories, you must first understand your company’s goals. What are you attempting to accomplish? What are your growth objectives? What are your top concerns? What does success entail? What distinguishes your company? Once you’ve determined what you want to accomplish, you can begin to devise a strategy to help you get there.

Analyze Your Customer Data. Before you can start mapping your sales territories, you need to understand your customer data. What are your target markets? What are the demographics of your customers? What are their interests? What are their needs? Once you have a clear picture of your target markets, you can start to create a plan that will help you reach them. You can use customer data to create targeted marketing campaigns and determine the best locations for your sales representatives.

Segment Your Customers by Geography. Once you understand your customer, you need to define your market. This includes segmenting your market by industry, size, and geography. You also need to identify your target market and determine how to reach them.

Create Your Territory Map. What’s your territory? How can you be sure you’re not missing out on potential destinations to send traffic to if you don’t have a map? Territory mapping provides a bird’s-eye view of your industry and demonstrates how to dominate it. This map will highlight the specific areas or regions you intend to conduct business. It is critical to be exact when creating your territory map because this document will help you focus your efforts and better understand your target market.

Train Your Sales Team. When expanding your business to new territories, your sales team must be adequately trained in the new market. They need to understand the local culture, the language, and the buying habits of the people in the new territory. Training your sales team in the new regions can be a challenge. It can be expensive and time-consuming to send them to training courses or fly them out to a new territory.

Online Territory Mapping Manager. A territory mapping manager is a web-based application that allows sales reps and other field workers to map and manage their territories online. In addition, it can be used to identify potential leads and customers and track the progress of ongoing campaigns. For example, you will be able to do the following with an online territory mapping manager:

  • Create a detailed map of your target market
  • Identify potential leads and customers
  • Track the progress of current campaigns
  • Evaluate the performance of your marketing and sales efforts

Using a territory mapping manager allows sales representatives to manage their territories better. They can see which areas require attention at a glance and can quickly and easily change their territory assignments as needed. This can aid in increasing sales productivity and revenue.

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