Geographic Enterprises GIS Mapping SoftwareAs online competition continually intensifies, businesses seek the most accurate and valuable data to give them a jump on the competition. Increasingly, leading brands such as Amazon and UPS are looking to GIS Mapping software to help identify consumer brand preferences. This innovative approach has helped them with crafting tailored customer experiences and improving profit margins as a result.

What is GIS Mapping Software?

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping is software that creates, manages, analyzes, and maps all kinds of data within a geographic area. The data shown can refer to streets, buildings, population demographics, and consumer use of products and services. In addition, GIS software provides a visual representation of the data with its global position. This information can assist with sales territory, business strategy, marketing planning, and product placement decisions.

How Can GIS Mapping Help Identify Consumer Brand Preferences?

GIS Mapping can help companies to identify consumer brand preferences by accurate visual mapping of consumer behavior based on a geographic location. This user-friendly data collection method can help you to create a strong brand backed by precise marketing information. Your marketing efforts, physical locations, and product offers can all be informed by reliable and accurate geographical data.

Determine the Location of Your Brand’s Physical Stores

Using GIS Mapping, you can determine where your target demographic tends to do their shopping. Then use this data to base your physical stores in the same area. You will place your brand directly in an area your consumers and target demographic prefer to visit. This placement means more of your target market will be exposed to your store and are more likely to become loyal customers.

Determine the Ideal Product Price Point for Locations

Are you targeting a specific demographic but unsure at which price point you should be entering the market? GIS mapping can help you to identify the brands and stores which are seeing the most traffic from your target customers. If your target market is shopping with certain brands repeatedly in large numbers, you will have a good indication of your entry point to gain the best market share.

Identify Which Locations and Demographics Should be Targeted

GIS can provide you with the needed data if you have no idea which demographics to target in your marketing campaign. For example, you can see which areas, ages, genders, and socio-economic segments are spending their money on similar services and products.

Geographic Enterprises

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