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Find the most suitable location you can use for the next venture using HERE Lidar data. Visualize features of the site and accelerate the process of making decisions from your computer using high-quality 3D data.

Review Thousands of Building Sites in a Matter of Minutes

Assess project feasibility quickly and speed up the process of planning with location intelligence, specially-designed tools, and advanced third-party data sets.

See Clear Lines of Sight From Your Computer

Find potential locations for your site using geodata models, then manage and keep track of fixed assets. Enhance the ROI of your project with high accuracy in geospatial information and 3D performance modeling and monitoring.

Our data comes from the world’s road networks and urban landscapes through various data sources. Plus, original data comes from a fleet of Lidar cameras and sensor-equipped 360-degree vehicles. These vehicles send data to 3D data point clouds. These point clouds serve as a base data source for various 3D and HD maps and content products.

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GIS Data May Be the Best Data Investment You Will Every Make

Geographic Information System (GIS) data aids in creating the strategies needed to keep local and state government processes running smoothing. Our data tools, coupled with your internal data sources, can improve workflow efficiency, help generate creative policies, and help with policy execution and monitoring. Plus, use geodata to help engage citizens. GIS allows us to consider ways to continually improve our environment, infrastructure, health, safety, and economy, as well as engineering.

Lead Your Teams to New Heights

Innovations in GIS help governments modernize their operations, gain a fresh perspective on the balance of the natural and built environment, and create inclusive and fair policies. GIS is an application for mapping that facilitates flexible government and is also an instrument for guiding sustainable communities.

There are endless ways that your organizations and teams can benefit from access to high-quality geodata.

Facilities and Public Works Maintenance

When managing public works organizations, real-time data becomes essential to efficient operations. Combining geospatial data with your asset management software provides the real-time environment and management tools you need. You can incorporate information from finance, customer services, and consumer apps with GIS sensors for optimal decision-making. Additionally, artificial intelligence and machine learning offer opportunities for proactive asset inventory, better maintenance of assets, and better traffic management. Plus, combining a geodata solution with operational data helps streamline alerts to workers when interruptions occur.

Multimodal Transit Systems

While focusing on maintaining the existing road networks and traffic management, the advent of multimodal transportation, shifting travel patterns, and push toward autonomous vehicles present a possibility for public works authorities to reconsider their community. Street maintenance software with GIS capabilities provides a way to look at and understand the areas of service gaps, increase road security, prioritize improvements, design circulation patterns, and create an infrastructure that is robust and fair.

5G Infrastructure Design and Maintenance

Improve efficiency in planning and deployment of networks by quickly assessing site location remotely. Get the benefit of digital surveys using ultra-clear 3D and 2D maps and data sets that provide accurate geospatial and geometric information. Get insights that you need to make progress no matter where you are.


Traffic and Road Infrastructure

Improve road maintenance and management efficiency, infrastructure utilization, and security with precise information about road conditions. Enhance mobility with the most current traffic information. Convert and discover detailed information about geocoordinates and addresses to enhance the accuracy of your geolocation insights. Create your own worldview by using our map data as the canvas.

Management of the Rail Infrastructure

Make the most of rail infrastructure data to improve efficiency and service reliability. Control the railway infrastructure assets and monitor your workforce effectively. Improve mobility in urban areas and improve customer service with timely and enhanced railway services.

Government-Funded Construction Projects

Engineering and public works professionals are driving modernization forward by leveraging the power of location. Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and mapping can help with infrastructure management at multiple tiers of governance – from local to federal to global. The application of GIS helps improve decision-making, efficiency, and workflow, helps in emergency response, cuts down the cost of managing assets, and prepares communities to meet the changing needs of residents. GIS assists public works departments in maintaining the equilibrium between equity, resilience, and sustainability.

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Public Parks and Recreational Spaces

The use of GIS as part of the planning and management of parks, public buildings, and open spaces helps create healthy and resilient communities. GIS-based park management software facilitates human-centered design, the creation of inclusive recreation facilities, capital project prioritization, and sustainability and health goals. You can also use GIS indoors to improve facilities management, space planning, and more.

Capital Project Design and Engineering

GIS data enhances your engineering capabilities, allowing your team to digitally visualize proposed solutions within a real-world context. Incorporate building models, architecture, and engineering into your infrastructure construction planning. Facilitate infrastructure design that can adapt to changing demographics and the natural and built environment by implementing our geodata solution into your planning process.

Real Estate and Urban Development Planning

Increase safety, efficiency, and quality of life for residents of communities and cities by utilizing accurate urban infrastructure planning – and make sound decisions quicker than ever. Use the power of 2D and 3D location data to help advance the transition towards better and more sustainable urban environments.

Infrastructure for Charging Electric Vehicles

Enhance the planning process by using better-informed planning and site selection. Improve EV usage of infrastructure and higher ROI by choosing the ideal places for charging stations.

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Key Mapping Modules 

Our spatial data solution has multiple valuable modules that you can utilize for your infrastructure planning or maintenance needs. This list is not comprehensive. Reach out to our team today to get help selecting the right mapping tools for your needs.

HERE Geocoding & Search

Convert and discover precise information on geocoordinates and addresses in order to enhance the accuracy of geolocation insights.

Dynamic Map Content

Improve the experience of the journey by providing live information. Aid drivers in arriving at their destination safely, comfortably, and on time with dynamic content APIs which can be used in endless ways in your applications and services.

HERE Positioning

Add high-quality location awareness to your devices and apps, even in challenging outdoor and indoor environments.

Map Data

Create your maps and data views using our map data as a canvas. Transform your map into an application based on location by layering it on information from various sources.

HERE Marketplace

Buy and source data and assets on our safe marketplace.

HERE Workspace

Create and scale location-based products, apps, services, and services within a secure cloud environment.

HERE Places Footprints

Improve speed and on-time delivery rates for pickups and drop-offs using our latest, precise location data.

HERE HD Live Map

Create a safer and more autonomous driving system by using our accurate HD mapping data.

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