Web Resources: Interactive Hurricane Tracker

Last night I was ‘half-watching’ the news waiting for the weather report, and when it finally came on I not only got the information I wanted, but also a sweet extra… more on that in a moment.  Why was I so anxious for the weather report? Well, we are supposed to be in the path for Isaac eventually, and living in the unbelievably drought-ridden Mississippi River Valley, we are actually looking forward to a good, long soaking. At first we expected Isaac as early as this morning, but then he decided to stall over the Gulf Coast for awhile. Isaac is still slowing making his way north toward us before taking a turn and pushing northeast, but just exactly when will he get here and how will he impact our Labor Day weekend plans? And how many more times will the forecast change before the rain arrives?

I’m one of those people that has the weather channel not only bookmarked, but also pinned on my bookmark bar. I click that link – a lot! I like to know what to expect, as much as the weather can be predicted. And there is something about the merger of weather and maps that really speaks to the ‘mapping geek’ in me. So as I turned my attention to the weather report last night, our meteorologist casually mentioned this nifty little tracking tool he likes to use that the viewers could check out online. “Weather?” “Map?” “Online?” “Utility?”  Can you hear my voice getting higher pitched and more excited with each passing second?  I had to check it out immediately and I have to say it totally rocks!

This utility, http://imapweather.com/, offers four different map views, 15 different weather layers (you can choose to view any or all of them at the same time), live streaming video links plotted directly on the map, zoom tools, measurement tools and even a drawing tool that allows you to mark up the map to your heart’s content! Another really nice feature is the fullscreen setting… so many utilities overlook such a simple feature, but this one got it right! I’ve pinned this one to my bookmark bar, too! Check it out, I think you’ll really enjoy it.