Geometrx location based servicesIn its truest essence, any service or feature that is provided by real time geo data, obtained from someone’s device, falls under the category of Location Based Service. Mainly, six strategic layers are constituting the entire ecosystem of Location-Based Services.


It refers to the manipulation of geographic data in a computerized system and networks for bringing that to efficient use in a variety of applications. Geographic information is vital for interacting with one another through technology, and it shows the raw data of any LBS app.


It is more of a concept where virtual parameters are established to cover the geographic area of entire World. As soon as an LBS user enters or leaves a particular location while carrying a location-aware device, a notification is generated, and it’s quite beneficial for locating purposes.

The three types of geofencing are listed below:

  • Defining the interaction with an object
  • Determining the interaction when two objects happen to be at the same location
  • Defining the interaction with a particular zone

Interaction Layers

We can use checking-in or social check-in when it comes to the interaction between location, user, service or product.  Some social networking services including Facebook and Foursquare allow users to check-in and share their location with the World. Moreover, several taxi cab service companies access real time location of their users while many applications have the button of ‘Places’ which access their current location and shows a list of nearby places.

Loyalty Programs

Such programs are purely directed towards increasing user engagement and encouraging buying behavior in the niche of LBS.  Shopkick has implemented a very sound loyalty program due to which, the company has seen a significant increase in its sales.

Location Based Analytics

If a company plans to enhance its performance on a broader scale or promote itself among the prospects, it is useless to go deeper into the niche before analyzing their performance per location.  Facebook should have a solid marketing plan if they observe a decrease in user density in any given area.


This element is the most important of LBS strategy, particularly if the user is a bank or a credit card company.   It should be noted that in this modern era, transactions are only possible as a result of NFC chips.

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