HERE makes maps that power a lot of navigation.  Most notably, Garmins are powered by HERE map data.  Currently, they are creating a map that will power automated driving.

They still have customers who need a highly accurate, navigable map; one that can provide very accurate, turn-by-turn directions.  In order to develop turn-by-turn directions, the map needs to have a lot of attributes that support driving.  The map can’t tell someone to turn the wrong way on a one-way street so the information within the map needs to have a street is one-way from east to west. In addition, if there is a “no left turn” sign, the directions can’t allow someone to illegally turn onto a street.

The HERE fleet of vehicles continuously collects data to ensure the quality of the map information. There is also a community of customers who are allowed to edit the map when they find issues.  HERE has editable attributes in the web-based map editor for customers to update.

In an effort to keep data as current as possible, HERE wants to grow their feedback from both customers and consumers, since they are the ones using the data and closest to reality.  HERE vehicles may be in a town today but not return for several months.  Things change and change quickly as new developments are built or DOT installs a sign.

Customer expectations have also evolved over the years.  Just a few years ago, HERE printed quarterly maps, where the expectation for when a change happened in the real world to when the map reflected that change was about a year.  Today, consumers expect, and rely heavily, on accurate map data immediately.

With consumers being the ground troops, HERE encourages feedback to meet those consumer’s expectations.  As part of that initiative, GeoMetrx partners with HERE in the feedback program.

A better way for consumers to submit map feedback.

If someone has feedback they’d like to provide (missing POI, new neighborhood, etc.) here’s the most efficient way to submit that information.  No registration required:

1) Go to

2) Select the category of feedback:


3) Select the type of feedback:

Geometrx 2

4) Zoom the  map to the location of the feedback.  Users must zoom in close in order to have the ability to click on the map to set the location of the feedback.

Geometrx 3

5) Click “OK”

6) Provide more details

Geometrx 4

7) Click “Send”

That’s all there is to it!

If a user is interested in actually editing the map, they will have to register for Map Creator and then get editing rights.

  • Users can register for Map Creator at
  • To receive editing rights, click the quotation box in the top right corner of the screen to send a message to our support team

Geometrx 5

For more information on mapping, contact GeoMetrx at 888-848-4436.