online territory mapping managerTerritory mapping has always been detailed, involved work. Thanks to digital technology, it’s easier than ever to plot, organize, and map territory correctly, whether for sales work, construction, plotting, or any field where territory mapping is needed. Whoever is in charge of mapping requires the best tools available to do their job effectively. In the digital age, that means mapping software.

Online Territory Mapping Manager

Though their job title might not be online territory mapping manager, the person in charge of online territory mapping will have a much easier time if they have access to and use mapping software.

Manual Mapping

Some businesses might cling to old-fashioned manual mapping or think that sites like Google Maps are sufficient for the task. That is incorrect. Manual mapping is time-consuming and clunky, and thus expensive and potentially inefficient and inaccurate. Sites like Google Maps offer elemental mapping, but territory mapping is not provided. Mapping software is the best way to accurately and efficiently map territories.

Though some mapping software is more affordable than others, or even free, they are not equal. For the software to work well, it needs to have specific offerings. For example, effective software allows users to upload customer data to improve mapping. It should also allow for multi-stop plans because no worker on the road is driving their entire shift. Tracking stops is essential for preventing territory overlap as well.

The software needs to be adaptable, easily upgraded, and integrated with other apps and programs, too. Those with a sales territory will rarely be in the office, so they need to access their maps and other tools digitally with a tablet or phone. Mapping software lacking those features will be more challenging to use and thus less efficient.

For the online territory mapping manager to effectively do their job in the digital age, they need accurate and effective mapping software. Regular mapping tools or manual input are no longer effective or efficient methods. The mapping needs to be easy to update, input data, and share on mobile platforms. That might sound like a lot of needs, but good mapping software will have those features. Software that lacks such capabilities is about as effective as grabbing a paper map and manually drawing out the territory. Effective mapping software is a must to ensure success.

Geographic Enterprises

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