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Business mapping software is just the thing you need to sustainably take your business to the next level.

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Business mapping software is going to allow you to identify customers that fit within your ideal demographics – and this ideal demographic CAN be made extremely broad or specific depending on your needs and/or services – improve your logistics and business workflows, even help you in the process of expanding your sales territory to help your business reach new heights as painlessly as possible. If your business is NOT taking advantage of some kind of business mapping be it route optimization, sales call mapping, or whatever else, you are falling behind big time!

Market Analyzation

Everyone should be able to confidently say what industry they work in, but have you committed yourself to one specific market as well? For example, if you are a physical therapist, then your industry would be healthcare, but your market would specifically be physical therapy. You can highlight various aspects of your specific market with our business mapping software, including but not limited to:

  • Size of the market
  • Customer segmentation
  • Buying behavior and patterns
  • Competitor analysis (see more below)
  • Opportunities based on location

You can also display and analyze the trends in your market. This provides businesses with the ability to capitalize on future opportunities before their competitors do, giving them an ongoing advantage over their competition. Companies who trust in our business mapping software at Geographic Enterprises also have the ability to adapt their marketing strategies and brand based on the information revealed through market analysis. It’s important that you’re able to get these narrowed-down views and have developed your business plan to the point that you KNOW who you need to sell to. Learn more about our business mapping software and services.

Why Business Mapping

a business owner performing market analysis with business mapping softwareAs everything becomes more digital, technology and sales are relying more and more heavily on technology and competent, advanced mapping software to get an edge on the competition. The best move you can make is having the pros at Geographic Enterprises handle all of your business mapping needs. When you work with us you know you have access to your maps and data whenever you need them, and you can finally start to grow your sales efforts without worrying about all the other minor things we take care of. Business mapping software is a gamechanger.

GIS Mapping

A geographic information system (GIS) is a framework that is used to both capture and analyzes spatial and geographic data. In more simple terms it’s an information system that connects all kinds of data to a map and integrates location data in with it. GIS mapping is a gamechanger in the realms of general business operation, sales processes, and logistics. Data is the key component here, it can be drawn from public sources, CRM’s, wherever you need – then maps can be created from the data analysis that the GIS software does, and you have easy to view maps with a fantastic amount of easy to understand data on them. Learn more about GIS Mapping. 

How Does GIS Mapping Work?

There are numerous ways in which businesses are able to utilize GIS mapping. When choosing Geographic Enterprises, you can customize your maps the way you need it. So how does it work exactly? There are four key components to GIS mapping:

  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Maps
  • Display

Data is the driving force behind GIS mapping. The first step is to locate your sources for data collection; depending on your purpose for using GIS software, you may pull data from CRM software, public records, or a range of other sources. This data is analyzed and captured in the GIS, and the maps are created from the analysis of the data. You can then visualize the GIS mapping through easily accessible platforms.

In addition, there are different types of GIS mapping, each of which has a unique purpose. The most notable map types include:

  • Quantity map
  • Category map
  • Heat map
  • Cluster map
  • Bubble map

Mapping API

A map API (Application Programming Interface) is the main connection between your important data and getting it to your business maps. A reliable API is the building block of any meaningful feature-rich maps and the constant reliable retrieval of geographic-related data. So basically what that all means is that if you want a constant stream of updated information and maps across your office, you need a good API to feed all of that data constantly to your mapping system to turn that mass of data into useable information. An unreliable API is going to lead to chronic delivery and feed issues for you, and that’s the last thing you want to be dealing with when you could and should be out there making money.

There are many uses of map API software, and the integration of map API into your software systems can help you accomplish the following:

  • Receive updated information on traffic conditions
  • Highlight economic activity that may affect workflow
  • Create data sets that display customer information
  • Optimize advertising strategies based on customer pattern

Of course, there are many other ways in which you may find our API useful. At Geographic Enterprises, our map API software offers the opportunity for the optimization of your business processes through geolocation services, route planning, logistics management, geocoding and reverse geocoding. Learn more about mapping API’s and the benefits that they offer.

Online Mapping

sales representatives making a route that was planned through business mapping softwareMapping software from Geographic Enterprises stores and displays various types of data into cloud-based mapping software for better visualization of relevant business information. This allows businesses to improve workflow, optimize logistics, optimize their sales approach and analyze their biggest competitors. There are various types of online mapping software available at Geographic Enterprises, allowing you to personalize your maps to suit your needs and preferences.

It’s time to STOP having to pull up sales, facility, and territory data from all kinds of different sources to only have to then make sense of it all cohesively yourself. At Mapping Resources our mapping software unlocks the trends hidden in your data and gives you the tools to understand how geography affects your business and see those hidden patterns that really make the difference at the end of the day. Among other things an online mapping service can help you:

  • Find EXACTLY where your target customers are
  • Map past sales data to see where you excel
  • Discover local areas that you may not be serving yet
  • Notice broad geographic trends in the area

The benefits received from our online mapping software depend on the purpose your organization has for creating maps. Every business is able to use online mapping software to their advantage, regardless of whether they have 10 employees or 100. Below are several ways in which our online mapping software is highly beneficial to any business. At Geographic Enterprises, your maps will be customized to fit your organization’s needs. There are many purposes for our maps, depending on the type of data you choose to display. The custom mapping software will benefit any company needing to create a personalized business map for one or more of these reasons:

  • Highlight customer density with a heat map
  • Conduct market analysis and sales planning
  • Optimize delivery and sales routes
  • Create a visualization of sales territories
  • Make note of essential demographics

Learn more about online mapping and how it can make a difference for your business.

Sales Territory Mapping

a sales team member using business mapping software to increase efficiencySales is not an easy field to work in, nearly every little niche is extremely competitive and as a salesperson, you need each and every little advantage you can get to put yourself ahead of the competition. Technological advances, new telecommunication methods, and a whole internet of resources all contribute to a quickly changing sales world. To really get the most out of a good sales mapping software you need to have a solid sales team behind it. With the right sales mapping software in hand, your sales team can see constant and consistent growth in the long term.

You can use sales territory mapping software to:

  • Optimize sales data patterns
  • Identify sales data pattern
  • Discover new sales opportunities
  • Easily define your own territory

Sales territory mapping is absolutely critical if you want to be able to grow your business sustainably.

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