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business mapping solutions being used with a map on the globeBusiness mapping software from Geographic Enterprises provides businesses with the opportunity to utilize consumer and geographic data to pinpoint and target ideal prospective customers, improve business operations, organize logistics and more.

Our software and business mapping tools allow you to identify consumer demographics, optimize logistics and expand sales territories to help your business reach sales goals and optimize process efficiency.

The following details how business mapping will benefit your business, and how to contact our professionals at Geographic Enterprises for more information.

Business Mapping Features and Solutions

Through techniques such as demographics identification by zip code, competitor map creation, sales call mapping, routing optimization and sales pipeline visualization, businesses are able to optimize business and sales processes. Merging non-spatial data with GIS spatial data is the way of the future as it pertains to prospective consumer identification, competitor research and geographic sales optimization. Using our maps, you are able to highlight your data in a visual manner, which makes noticing trends much easier and more efficient than reviewing the same as written data.

Demographics Identification

Demographics identification refers to the use of software to analyze data and statistical trends as it relates to particular demographics. Business mapping through Geographic Enterprises, allows you to identify and display the demographics in your chosen areas. This allows your business to target geographic locations that have the most prospective buyers likely to purchase your product or service. Examples of different types of demographic breakdowns include:

  • Age
  • Education level
  • Family size
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Race
  • Religion

Our business mapping software allows your business to create the ideal customer persona, based on the demographic categories. The collected information can then be identified through our business mapping service to create advertising campaigns, fine-tune your outreach strategy and optimize your internal business processes.

Watch a video demonstration showing us importing customer data using copy/paste from a spreadsheet into Map Business Online.

Analyze Your Markets with Business Mapping Tools

Market analysis through business mapping refers to the categorization of information specific to the consumer base within your industry. For example, if you are a physical therapist, then your industry would be healthcare, but your market would specifically be physical therapy. You can highlight various aspects of your specific market with our business mapping software, including but not limited to:

  • Size of the market
  • Customer segmentation
  • Buying behavior and patterns
  • Competitor analysis (see more below)
  • Opportunities based on location

You can also display and analyze the trends in your market. This provides businesses with the ability to capitalize on future opportunities before their competitors do, giving them an ongoing advantage over their competition. Companies who trust in our business mapping software at Geographic Enterprises also have the ability to adapt their marketing strategies and brand based on the information revealed through market analysis.

Map Out Your Competition

a business owner performing market analysis with business mapping softwareCompetitor map creation involves the display and identification of competitor locations. This includes where competitors are located geographically as well as from where their sales may predominantly come. The same is also done for your business, highlighting all of your locations and sales in specific areas of the map. This information is beneficial in several ways.

For franchises or businesses that plan to expand in the near future, this allows identification of areas where the supply does not meet the demand, or where there may be heavy competition in the area. It also allows your businesses to pinpoint areas to avoid expansion or where to focus marketing efforts, depending on how many competitors are in outlined areas. The program will also demonstrate areas where your company may not be seeing the expected sales.

Create Sales Call Maps

Sales call mapping identifies areas to target sales operations. Our sales call mapping helps you organize your CRM, track ongoing trends and determine geographic regions where sales processes should be focused. This is beneficial for companies that rely on sales calls to communicate with prospects through cold calls or follow-ups with customers that have previously interacted with your company.

At Geographic Enterprises, we believe in a data-driven approach, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities that your competitors may overlook. Sales call mapping is an integral component of our business mapping software, especially for businesses that are interested in improving the efficiency of their sales team’s operations. Sales call mapping also makes customer segmentation and optimizing logistics easier, along with expanding your company’s overall sales territories.

Optimize Delivery Routes With Mapping

sales representatives making a route that was planned through business mapping softwareRouting optimization is particularly useful for businesses that rely on delivery services and logistics. This feature of our business mapping service ensures you are able to efficiently plan routes based on logical information including customer location and road systems. The ability to optimize logistics reduces the cost and time required for drivers to make deliveries safely and to maximize performance. Efficiency in business operations improves employee satisfaction within your company, which reduces turnover.

Route optimization is critical to businesses that rely on face-to-face meetings with current and prospective customers. The ability to arrange appointments strategically ensures punctuality for meetings and efficient utilization of all resources including personnel, fuel and maximum client meetings per day. We provide the best mapping software solution in the market when it comes to route optimization.

Visualize Your Sales Pipeline With Greater Ease

Being able to visualize your sales pipeline and where your prospects are in the conversion process supports your business by improving its conversion rate and running more efficient business operations. Sales pipeline visualization involves interpreting data to determine how well your sales pipeline is operating and areas where to improve your company’s sales strategy.

The ability to analyze data and understand how to implement necessary changes, accomplished through our business mapping, ensures the optimization of your approach for targeting consumers based on demographic information and location. Using the sales pipeline visualization to create customer segments, each of which has its unique sales pipeline to optimize conversions, will expand your sales outreach.

What are The Benefits of Business Mapping?

Business mapping is more essential as we enter into a new age of business and sales operations, one that relies on the utilization of technology and online business mapping to gain an edge on competitors. Business mapping through Geographic Enterprises will allow you to surge ahead of the competition by streamlining and fine-tuning the information and processes already in place.

Several notable benefits of business mapping include the ability to access maps from anywhere, scale your organization’s sales effort, receive an affordable and effective alternative to MapPoint and create personalized custom maps based on your business’ specific needs.

Access Maps From Anywhere

The maps you create with our business mapping software are accessible at any time and from anywhere. This means each branch and department of your company has the ability to access them easily, and your employees are able to utilize them in a manner most useful to them and their department. Through our easily accessible maps, you can effortlessly plan outreach efforts, arrange and optimize logistics and fine-tune your sales pipeline. Post COVID-19, it is important to have this flexibility, especially if your company relies on employees working from home or who come into the office less frequently.

Scale Your Organization’s Sales Efforts

a sales team member using business mapping software to increase efficiencyBusiness mapping through Geographic Enterprises not only allows your business to improve the efficiency of its sales operations, but it also expands your organization’s sales efforts. The ability to scale your sales processes is essential for continual growth. You can also expand your sales efforts into new areas through business mapping by identifying key areas lacking enough quality business to meet the market in certain areas allowing your company to capitalize on those opportunities.

Receive An Alternative To MapPoint

MapPoint was a previously popular business mapping software that has been discontinued. At Geographic Enterprises, we take pride in offering a reliable and improved alternative to Microsoft MapPoint. We offer reasonable prices and customer services that ensure you are fully established with the software, and able to effectively use it for your business.

Our business mapping software includes demographics identification, market analysis, competitor map creation, sales call mapping, routing optimization and more, all improving upon and building a better version of the previous Microsoft MapPoint software.

Customize Maps Based On Your Company’s Needs

The ability to personalize your business mapping software is crucial; at Geographic Enterprises, we understand this and give our software users the ability to customize their maps to meet their business needs. This may include focusing on the demographics of your sales data, whereas other businesses may focus more on logistics optimization and finding ways to optimize their sales call outreach.

We understand the uniqueness of each business, and we ensure you are able to customize your maps for optimal effectiveness and efficiency of your specific business process and sales operations.

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