Geograhic Information System Mapping

Use geographic data to identify seasonal sales routes and environmental business changes.

GIS software being used to identify environmental changesWhat is Geographic Information System Mapping?

A geographic information system (GIS) stores geographic data, and perhaps the most common use of this is GIS mapping. This involves mapping the data stored in the GIS to analyze and interpret the information in a useful way. This review highlights the uses of GIS mapping and the reasons your business should make GIS mapping a key part of your business operations, logistics and sales processes.

How Does GIS Mapping Work?

There are numerous ways in which businesses are able to utilize GIS mapping. When choosing Geographic Enterprises, you can customize your maps the way you need it. So how does it work exactly? There are four key components to GIS mapping:

  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Maps
  • Display

Data is the driving force behind GIS mapping. The first step is to locate your sources for data collection; depending on your purpose for using GIS software, you may pull data from CRM software, public records or a range of other sources. This data is analyzed and captured in the GIS, and the maps are created from the analysis of the data. You can then visualize the GIS mapping through easily accessible platforms.

In addition, there are different types of GIS mapping, each of which has a unique purpose. The most notable map types include:

  • Quantity map
  • Category map
  • Heat map
  • Cluster map
  • Bubble map

Some businesses may only need to utilize a certain type of map, whereas others may need to create multiple types of GIS maps to improve their overall business operations.

What Can GIS Mapping Be Used For?

At Geographic Enterprises, we understand the need for organizations to be able to personalize their GIS mapping software. We allow you to create your own GIS maps based on your organization’s needs and preferences. Our clients often utilize GIS mapping to perform market analyses, identify environmental changes, create seasonal sales routes and discover franchise opportunities, among other ways to utilize GIS mapping.

Performing Market Analyses With GIS Mapping

a business owner performing a market analysis with GIS dataEvery business should have an in-depth understanding of their industry and their individual market within their industry. GIS mapping by Geographic Enterprises allows you to create maps that highlight market data based on location.

Our mapping software allows you to create a quantitative map (also called a choropleth map), which color codes areas based on how many sales are made in a certain area. For instance, the darker areas on the map could indicate an area where more sales are taking place, thus allowing you to focus your marketing and sales efforts more heavily inside that specific territory.

There are other ways to highlight your GIS maps and use them to analyze market data, sales information and more. Rather than reading market information on paper and attempting to discern meaning, you are able to visualize it, allowing you to process the data more accurately and efficiently, enabling you to make the most informed and responsible business decisions possible for your organization.

Identifying Environmental Changes With GIS Mapping

Certain business types must be able to identify environmental changes. This helps in site selection, logistical planning (determining optimal routes), resource management, climate change analysis, deforestation analysis, infrastructure changes and more. Examples of industries that may find this particularly useful include:

  • Franchise
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
  • Transportation

We are transitioning into a future in which businesses are required to consider the environmental impact of their business operations. This means the importance of identifying environmental changes and making business decisions accordingly will continue to increase, and it is essential for some industries (and all businesses in certain states) to be able to make wise decisions that factor in environmental changes to avoid fines. This is, of course, in addition to the ability to make more profitable decisions and decisions based on efficiency through our GIS mapping software at Geographic Enterprises.

Creating Seasonal Sales Routes With GIS Mapping

The most notable benefit of sales route optimization is the ability to create sales opportunities with prospects in the most efficient manner possible. However, sales route optimization through GIS mapping also ensures your sales representatives understand the most ideal sales opportunities that are available to them and where attention should be focused.

GIS mapping with Geographic Enterprises takes it a step further by allowing you to create seasonal sales routes. This allows you to break down your sales routes and understand how sales patterns vary based on the season. This is integral to changing sales trends throughout the year due to alternating weather and other seasonal considerations.

Discovering Franchise Opportunities With GIS Mapping

a franchisor using GIS mapping software to discover franchise opportunitiesIf you are planning for business expansion by adding additional locations, then GIS mapping should be your first step. GIS mapping shows you necessary data about sales information, demographics, population density, market analyses, competitor data, logistics and more. Being able to interpret this data by viewing it visually ensures you select the most appropriate location.

Often, a successful expansion opportunity is reliant upon the ideal location. The best marketing efforts and the most qualified employees may not be enough to overcome a poorly planned geographic location for your expanded business. Geographic Enterprises strongly recommends GIS mapping for franchises and companies who wish to expand into new territory in the future.

What Are The Benefits Of GIS Software?

With GIS mapping from Geographic Enterprises, you can receive up-to-date map data, lower energy and fuel costs, encourage cross-departmental collaboration and improve company-wide decision making. The exact ways in which your organization will benefit from GIS mapping from Geographic Enterprises depend on the specific purpose of the mapping software. This review provides a general overview of the benefits our clients often report when using our software to improve their business processes, sales strategy, logistical planning, franchise expansion and more. You can also contact us directly by phone or message to learn more about the specific ways our GIS software can benefit your business.

Receive Up-To-Date Map Data With GIS Mapping

One main purpose of GIS mapping is to capture changes in sales data, the environment and demographics. With GIS software from Geographic Enterprises, your organization receives up to date map data which can be analyzed for your organization’s benefit, keeping you ahead of the competition and making informed decisions about your business operations.

If there are demographic changes from one year to the next, the geographic information system picks up these changes and implements them into the mapping display. This lets your company avoid making decisions based on outdated or misleading data, which could lead to sales and business process choices that are ineffective for your business.

Lower Energy And Fuel Costs With GIS Mapping

GIS mapping allows your organization to optimize logistics. In addition to improved customer service and ensuring deliveries are made on time, you can also lower energy and fuel costs. Optimized delivery routes reduce the number of miles your organization makes during deliveries, cutting the cost of fuel.

This also improves employee morale by making everyone’s job easier, especially for transportation managers and delivery professionals. When choosing GIS mapping with Geographic Enterprises, employees and members of your organization can access the maps anywhere and at any time, which means they are not required to come into the office if they work from home. This can cut down energy costs at your company as well as improve the morale among your employees.

Encourage Cross-Departmental Collaboration With GIS Mapping

collaboration between two different departmentsWith our GIS mapping software, all of your departments have easy access to the mapping display and information, and company employees can access the information wherever they are. This allows your organization to collaborate across departments, allowing for smooth and efficient business processes.

This collaborative process may also help with employee relations, ensuring your employees across different departments are able to effectively work together, reducing the risk of internal disputes among employees. Most notably, however, is the ability to formulate detailed and data-driven processes and sales strategies based on the information displayed in the GIS map. Virtual or in-person meetings can be arranged to discuss the GIS mapping strategy and the data it displays to determine how to optimize sales efforts and to plan routes and logistics.

Improve Company-Wide Decision Making With GIS Mapping

When making business decisions, organizations should do so based on relevant market data and sales analysis. GIS mapping enables your company to make informed decisions that affect your entire organization. This is particularly useful for franchises or companies that have multiple branches.

Whether you are looking for ways to improve communication and transport across business locations, create customer segments and marketing plans based on geographic data or selecting your next franchise location, being able to access GIS mapping data and visualize in a manner that is easy to understand is integral to long-term business success. The fact remains that all areas are different and understanding the road systems, landscapes, environmental changes, demographics and other key information allows your business to operate efficiently and with an advantage over the competition.

Speak With The GIS Mapping Software Experts At Geographic Enterprises

At Geographic Enterprises, we understand that IS mapping may require further explanation, given the broad definition and various means of application. If you have any questions about GIS mapping, we are glad to answer them for you.

You can reach our GIS mapping professionals at Geographic Enterprises by calling (888) 848-4436 or contacting us online. We take pride in helping our clients grow and thrive as a business through GIS and other business and sales territory software and services. If you are ready to take your business to the next level through the utilization of GIS mapping, contact our professionals today to get the process started. Interested in another kind of mapping software? We can help you do business mapping, GIS mapping, set up a mapping API, online mapping, and sales territory mapping among other things.