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Visualize Critical Business Information with Online Mapping Tools and Software

Mapping software from Geographic Enterprises stores and displays various types of data into cloud-based mapping software for better visualization of relevant business information. With mapping you can Improve workflow, optimize logistics, optimize your sales approach, and analyze your biggest competitors. Online mapping software allows for personalization that suits your unique map needs and preferences.

Keys Benefits of Online Mapping Software

The benefits of online mapping software depend on the purpose your organization has for creating maps. Every business is able to use online mapping software to their advantage, regardless of whether they have 10 employees or 100. Below are several ways in which our online mapping software is highly beneficial to any business.

Customize Maps How You Want Them

At Geographic Enterprises, your maps will be customized to fit your organization’s needs. There are many purposes for our maps, depending on the type of data you choose to display. Custom mapping software will benefit any company needing to create a personalized business map for one or more of these reasons:

  • Highlight customer density with a heat map
  • Conduct market analysis and sales planning
  • Optimize delivery and sales routes
  • Create a visualization of sales territories
  • Make note of essential demographics

With endless possibilities, our mapping software integrates practically any type of data pertinent to your business. We offer a range of map types including quantity, category, heat, cluster and bubble maps. If you are unsure which type will be best suited for your business, our professional team will be more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Store Your Maps in The Cloud

Our mapping software utilizes a cloud-based system, providing easy access to your maps anytime and from anywhere. This allows all of your teams and departments to access the maps as necessary and communicate effectively with others. We also recognize that more employees are now working from home; remote employees are able to access the cloud-based mapping software without physically being in the office.

Additionally, we offer high-quality map printing allowing you to print a large copy of your business maps to display where needed, such as meeting rooms and delivery trucks. We provide flexibility and ease of accessibility through our cloud-based approach setting Geographic Enterprises apart from the competition.

Integrate Maps Through APIs

an individual using a map API with mapping software on a smartphoneAn application programming interface (API) is a valuable software feature that allows your business to utilize location intelligence to more effectively offer products and services to nearby prospects. This technology allows you to target the correct customer base in a cost-effective manner, modernize your marketing approach and improve your overall business processes. Map APIs are becoming an integral part of most businesses and provide a step ahead of the competition when fully implemented.

Print Maps Using Several Methods

Our map printing service allows you to print your maps for display in-person. This is often more convenient for companies that analyze the maps in-person or for logistics professionals such as transportation managers and delivery drivers. We allow you to customize your map printing by adding key features as necessary. You can also control the zoom level and perspective of the map, along with controlling the manner in which the map is visualized (symbols, color-coding, etc.).

Improve Sales & Business Development Processes

Online mapping software provides businesses with the ability to efficiently and accurately analyze large amounts of data through improved visualization. Reading written data is time-consuming and it is often challenging to find patterns and draw conclusions from scattered information. Mapping software displays data visually allowing your business to make well-informed business decisions. Understanding where a large portion of your customers and clients are located, or areas in which the demographics match your ideal customer persona, will significantly improve the success of your sales teams.

The online mapping software offered by Geographic Enterprises also allows for business development processes to improve. Creating a strategic geographic map of current and prospective clients outlines the most efficient way to meet with multiple businesses in a streamlined manner. Route optimization also ensures your deliveries arrive on time and your organization is able to reduce fuel costs.

Industries That Benefit The Most From Online Mapping Software

We work with businesses within all industries, but we have found our mapping software to be particularly advantageous for certain industries. Industries that draw customers from multiple areas, need to pinpoint the demographics of their customers or those who rely on delivery and travel, should strongly consider the available benefits of online mapping software from Geographic Enterprises. Businesses that have multiple branches, are currently considered a franchise or plan to expand into different territories should utilize mapping software.

Franchise Territory Mapping Software

franchise locations being drawn out using online mapping softwareThe franchise industry may be an industry more reliant on advanced mapping software than most. Selecting the right location for the next franchise is crucial to its long-term success. Online mapping software shows you where your current customers are located; collective demographics relative to those customers allows you to locate similar demographics for potential customers, demonstrating the best location for a new franchise.

You will also be able to conduct a thorough competitor analysis to determine if the demand in the area is already being met by supply. The complexities and number of features able to be integrated into your specific franchise territory mapping software are extensive and invaluable to franchise success.

Franchise Territory Mapping

Finance Industry

Businesses within the finance industry benefit from mapping software in several ways. First, it can create a map that displays the demographics in certain areas. For instance, a company that specializes in wealth management and estate planning benefits from targeting areas based on the average income level, age of the population and those in or close to retirement.

This is possible through our mapping software system which provides the ability to create cloud-based and print-based maps that will highlight the income levels and age of set areas. Finance businesses that have the intention of expanding their location can also utilize similar maps to determine the best place for expansion. Online mapping software, as it relates to the finance industry, also allows businesses to create and optimize sales routes according to where their prospects live.

Finance Industry Mapping

Healthcare Industry

Being able to treat patients in an effective and prompt manner is the main goal of any healthcare provider; the healthcare industry relies on mapping software in several ways. Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and other first responders rely on optimal routing to ensure they are able to respond to calls and arrive at the scene as quickly as possible.

Online mapping software through Geographic Enterprises is also applicable to home healthcare providers. The mapping software assists in route planning allowing nursing aides, doctors and other healthcare professionals to make their rounds more efficiently. This is, of course, in addition to the marketing and business processes benefits that our mapping software provides to businesses within all industries.

Healthcare Industry Mapping

Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is particularly dependent on online mapping software to pinpoint which areas may pose the most risk. A car and home insurance agency may need to know the crime rate and traffic rate accidents in all surrounding areas to get a broad sense of the risk involved when receiving a client from that area. There are also marketing benefits to insurance providers that utilize mapping software allowing insurance companies to know precisely where to display their advertisements and focus the majority of their other marketing efforts.

Insurance Industry Mapping

Manufacturing/Industrial Industry

The manufacturing and industrial industries require mapping software for unique purposes, different from most industries. Businesses within these industries will benefit from understanding where their prospective customers live and tracking their competitors in the same way that other businesses do; however, they also often require online mapping software to track environmental factors. Many are required to consider factors such as environmental changes and climate changes to which their business operation may contribute, along with adhering to all applicable city, state and federal regulations.

Manufacturing/Industrial Industry Mapping

Real Estate Industry

a real estate agent who is using software to identify sales zonesSuccess in the real estate industry is highly dependent upon an in-depth understanding of local geographic information. This includes the full spectrum of real estate professionals, from sales agents to construction companies. Understanding the types of homes that sell in a certain area, the demographics of an area and being able to visualize the sales data through online mapping software is invaluable. This ensures that a business always has a step up over the competition and capitalizes on trends and opportunities in the ever-changing real estate market.

Real Estate Mapping

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