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The sales landscape continues to evolve due to changes in technology, telecommunications, and other internet resources. Hiring an effective sales team is vital to long-term success; however, trends in sales show the shedding of outdated techniques and the introduction of new practices designed to draw in online and offline prospects. The right sales territory mapping software helps sales teams to achieve success. Sales mapping has become a go-to resource for sales teams that want to boost their performance significantly.

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What Does Sales Territory Mapping Involve?

Sales mapping can empower sales teams to work more efficiently and achieve greater productivity. Our innovative mapping tools provide sales associates with an effective way to manage their customers and territories. Sales teams can also use online mapping software to identify which customers and areas could be profitable. Plus, save your resources by identifying regions and customer segments less likely to prove fruitful. While a lot of work and strategy goes into efficient sales territory mapping, online sales territory mapping software makes it easier by providing an array of tools and information designed to keep sales teams productive and on task.

Managing Sales Zones & Boundaries

Territory mapping can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Sales mapping technology enables sales associates to track their customers, former customers and leads more efficiently. Online mapping software also allows for the segmentation of customers, allowing visibility of which areas are more profitable, using tools like heat mapping. Sales associates can also place pins based on a prospect or target zip codes and draw shapes around specific territories related to your company. These tools and features of mapping help sales teams and territory managers produce sophisticated visual customer reports based on particular regions.

Sales mapping offers unique features that make managing sales territories easier and more precise. Once you have added your sales territories to the map, you can customize them by color for easy visual reference. In addition, you can analyze the performance of each region and discover what factors may be causing the revenue in specific areas to change. Heat mapping allows sales associates to see which territories are performing the best and where there is room for improvement. Through heat mapping and similar features, sales teams can better use their time and concentrate on the most profitable territories.

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Sales & Data Organization

a sales map that is well organized and was created using sales territory mapping softwareIt can be difficult to create a clear vision when you are dealing with large amounts of data. Sales territory mapping software enables you to quickly and easily upload your spreadsheets and customer lists to better organize your data on an easy-to-navigate map. Data can be broken up based on a variety of criteria, such as the type of product or service purchased, the location, the frequency of purchases, or unique aspects of your field of sales. Once you have imported your data, sales teams can easily differentiate the pins, analyze the information, and make strategic decisions.

Spatial analysis also made easy with help from sales mapping technology. It can often be difficult to identify patterns within the columns and rows of a spreadsheet as the information is not efficiently organized in a visible way. However, when you bring that data over to a color-coded or dot density map, the picture becomes much clearer. Creating a map using your spreadsheet data takes just a few moments but the rewards are long-lasting. Whether your business is involved in manufacturing, retail, insurance, energy, or any other leading industry, it is now possible to gain a competitive edge with the help of sales mapping technology.

Sales Route Optimization

To avoid profit loss, your sales team can fully optimize routes. Sales route optimization segments your customers and details the distance from one location to the next; you can then create territories to implement into your routes. Once you are finished optimizing your routes, you can share them with your drivers or simply print them for greater efficiency while on the road. Online mapping software is one of the best ways to achieve sales call route optimization while keeping costs low and ensuring that all of your sales associates are in the loop.

Creating smarter routes can help your team maintain their productivity and get more done while on the road. It takes just a few clicks to create a custom route for your employees to use while traveling. You can even assign routes to different sales associates to further streamline the process. Simply draw lines or shapes to determine how far the locations are and then optimize your new or current routes to boost revenue and lower costs. This not only results in money saved but can also avoid wasted time that is better spent performing other core duties.

Discovering Opportunities For Growth

A competitive analysis an excellent way to be ahead of your competition by discovering local areas that may have been under serviced until now. Sales mapping quickly identifies these growth opportunities, bringing them to your advantage before other companies in your industry. This involves entering market and customer data to see which areas are likely to bring about the biggest profits. Once you start serving these areas, you can begin accelerating your growth.

Sales mapping technology makes it easy to track customers by location, income brackets, and other useful criteria. You can further break up this data to make the information even easier to digest by utilizing heat maps to discover areas that are under-or over-performing. Once you know exactly where you are doing the majority of your business, you can implement a strategy to spread out to reach a higher number of customers in your local areas.

The Benefits Of a Sales Territory Mapping Software

a business owner using sales territory mapping softwareSo, what can be done with sales mapping? Sales professionals in all industries can benefit from having access to comprehensive sales technology. Some biggest benefits of introducing sales mapping to your business include:

Sales Territory Management

Use sales mapping technology to easily define sales territories on an easy-to-view map. Territories being clearly marked, you and your sales associates can easily identify where existing customers are located and where new leads are situated within the territories.

Optimize Sales Routes

Sales mapping software offers a variety of tools designed to make it easy to optimize routes. Use the software to find the most efficient route between all of a sales associate’s stops during a typical day on the road. This can save time and money by reducing wasted travel minutes.

Identify Sales Data Patterns – Sales Territory Mapping by Zip Code

Finding patterns within your sales data can help you identify which areas are performing the best, which are underserved, and which are being overserved. This can be done within certain territories or ZIP code data depending on your unique needs. Heat maps can be used to organize this data.

Discover New Sales Opportunities

Sales mapping also allows sales teams to identify new sales opportunities in a more efficient way. Enter traits about your customers and search other markets for prospects that meet the same criteria. New sales opportunities can help grow your business faster than you thought possible

Why Choose Sales Territory Mapping Software?

Online mapping software was specifically designed to be of use to all types of businesses in the sales industry. It is equipped to handle data sets of any size, whether you are trying to map 10 or 10,000 locations. Business maps can easily be customized and configured to meet the unique needs of your business. Choose from a wide variety of map styles and gain access to a large selection of editing and customization tools.

Easily Shareable Maps

Once you have decided how you want your map to look and have gone through the steps to make it a reality, it is time to share your work. Online mapping software makes it simple to share maps with other sales representatives or managers. Maps can also be printed, displayed, or even embedded in slide shows and websites. You can choose to have your map remain private and shared only with a select few individuals or you can publish it on the web for the public to see. It has never been easier to share custom maps.

Foundation Of The Sales Planning Process

Creating a sales map is one of the first steps involved in the sales planning process. It is the foundation of your sales strategy and can be looked upon repeatedly to learn more about your business and its strengths and weaknesses. With the ability to add as much data as you would like based on your needs, your business is only limited by your creativity. Sales mapping can be used for all types of tasks, from gauging the performance of your sales representatives to better understanding why some territories may be doing better than others.

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