Franchise Sales Territory Mapping

a franchise employee using sales territory mapping softwareBuilding a franchise can certainly be an exciting endeavor for ambitious business owners. Creating an exceptional sales team for your franchise empire is only one part of the necessary strategy for growth. Another critical element is implementing helpful tools, such as sales territory mapping, to understand trends better and use that information to keep your business operating at its fullest potential. Not sure where to start? Franchise sales territory mapping is an excellent solution to consider.

Sales territory mapping essentially gives you a visual of all the things that are going on in your company. You can see all of your locations, input specific data that will help you create strategies, and learn which areas you should focus on for expansion. All of this in one single software makes it easier than ever for you to build and grow your franchise with optimal information to guide you along the way.

How The Franchise Industry Uses Sales Territory Mapping

Sales territory mapping can be an effective tool for virtually any business out there but can be especially helpful when building a franchise. Here are a few key ways that you could use our software to understand your customer better and identify strengths and weaknesses in your sales model.

Identify Areas to Open Additional Franchise

Sales territory mapping makes it easier to identify the boundaries of your current sales and look for areas that you may enter. The software can be used to locate your existing franchises and see what kind of activity those businesses are producing. You can even utilize heat mapping to readily see those areas, and allow your sales teams to draw maps around boundaries, and create sales reports for specific areas. Because there are so many options, you can customize the experience for your business’s needs.

Organize Data Effectively

franchise owners analyzing sales dataIt’s great to have a ton of data about your business, but just as important is organizing that data so you can use it even more. The type of data you can collect about your franchise doesn’t stop at just location and activity.

You can even gain information about the type of customer that uses your facilities to better identify how to serve them. You can include information about your income bracket, their zip code, and the types of products that are successfully selling at one franchise. You may learn that what works at one of your locations simply isn’t as effective as another. The result? You can create a modified sales approach based on the location or needs of the customers in that area. Our free zip code demographics data tool is a great place to start if you are looking to get acquainted with public sources of data. If you need a more sophisticated solution, reach out today. We can help you sort through your best options.

Easily See Areas of Success

One of the best things you can learn about your franchise business is which areas are most successful. This can help you learn more about the type of areas that work best for your business, or easily see where you could expand and beat your competition to the punch. You can see which areas of your business are already performing well and which areas you may want to focus more on. This information can be critical in creating a sales strategy for growing your franchise and getting the most out of your sales efforts.

Benefits Of Sales Territory Mapping In The Franchise Industry

Of course, any business wants to know how sales territory mapping can help their industry. Here are a few simple ways that you can use this software to expand your sales team and enhance your overall strategy. Essentially, you can use the information to easily visualize your business, and make necessary adjustments to make sure that your franchise is growing and your sales are performing their best.

Easily Locate Sales Areas

When you have multiple locations, it can quickly become overwhelming, trying to remember your locations and boundaries or clearly understand how those locations are performing. Perhaps one location is over-performing, while others are struggling a bit more to get up and running. Sales territory mapping will allow you to easily see your multiple locations and access data that is most relevant for your growth. You can then tap into your resources, grow your team, and make necessary adjustments so that you aren’t’ wasting time or money in the wrong areas.

Identify Strong and Weak Areas

Identifying strong and weak areas are critical to the improvement and advancement of your business. You don’t have to rifle through reports but can instead rely on the visual that sales territory mapping offers you. While you certainly don’t want to make hasty decisions, the pattern of data will help you confidently make decisions regarding what works for your company and what doesn’t. This information at your fingertips will keep your operation running smoothly and help you make decisions faster and more effectively based on certain regions’ performance.

Discover Opportunities for Expansion

a new building that is being constructed for a franchiseUltimately, the success of a franchise depends heavily on its ability to expand into other areas. You’ll be able to quickly create check-list criteria for when you are ready to move forward with building more and where you should focus on those builds. Perhaps you can see that your franchise is performing exceptionally well in one region, but not so well in another. You could explore why this is the case, or simply choose to stick to your successful region. Either way, you’ll be able to confidently build your sales strategy with data backing your every decision. Ultimately, sales territory mapping puts you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to how you want to expand.

Speak With A Franchise Sales Territory Mapping

Are you ready to take your franchise business to the next level? Sales territory mapping is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Not only does it provide valuable information, but you can then use that information to create strategies for improvement. It puts you in the driver’s seat to help your business achieve its highest potential. We are here to help! Contact us at Geographic Enterprise for more information about our software and how it can help you expand your business. Simplify and streamline your sales processes with this technology by calling 888.848.4436 or speaking to a representative online today. We look forward to working with you!