Nonprofit Sales Territory Mapping

a nonprofit organization discussing sales territoriesSales territory mapping is beneficial for all types of businesses, especially so for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits can use sales territory mapping software for a wide range of purposes, such as collaborating with team members, monitoring growth or for presentation purposes. Spreadsheets often fail to clearly show the big picture but sales territory maps are highly effective at illustrating data in a highly-visual way. Data can be easily displayed to emphasize information associated with various causes, from environmental changes and poverty, to cancer research and military support. Outlined below are some of the highlights of nonprofit sales territory mapping, how it works and the advantages of mapping data.

How Nonprofits Use Sales Territory Mapping

Nonprofit organizations that are new to sales territory mapping may not fully understand how the technology can be used effectively in the nonprofit sector. Here are some of the ways that nonprofits can use sales territory to streamline their business and boost growth.

Identify And Understand Sales Zones

Sales territory mapping brings greater visibility to a nonprofit’s sales zones. This means that nonprofits are able to use territory mapping to easily identify sales zones and gain a better understanding of how each zone operates. Sales zones may include data regarding any products or sales made, as well as the performance of sales for fundraisers and other money-making endeavors. Different types of territory maps, such as heat maps, can be useful to visualize which areas are performing best and which ones need more work. Zones can also be color-coordinated making them easier to read and understand.

Organize Important Data

Having important business data available in one convenient location saves both time and money. Sales territory mapping software allows users to input certain criteria about their contributors and customers, such as their zip codes or income brackets. This custom data can then be used to create strategies for expanding reach and achieving greater sales numbers. With all data available in one place, it is fast and simple to see what purchases customers are making and the frequency of these purchases. The same applies to other components of nonprofit organizations including fundraising efforts.

Achieve A Higher Profit Margin

data from a nonprofit organization after using sales territory mapping softwareOne of the most noticeable benefits of utilizing sales territory mapping is the increase in profits. Nonprofit organizations often operate on a limited budget making every dollar count. The data and visual displays associated with sales territory mapping helps nonprofits make necessary adjustments to sales territories to maximize their profits and boost their overall performance and productivity. Mapping software also allows nonprofits to better understand their customers, allowing the business to connect with customers that are more likely to contribute to the cause. Sales territory mapping is helpful in other areas, such as sales route optimization. When a business runs more efficiently, the greater their sales potential.

Benefits of Sales Territory Mapping for Nonprofits

There are numerous benefits of sales territory mapping for nonprofit organizations; with access to large collection of data, they have the tools and resources necessary to expand their reach and further their cause. Some of the top benefits of sales territory mapping for nonprofits include the following:

Reach A Larger Audience

It makes sense that the more people a business is able to reach, the greater the chances are for closing a sale, retrieving a donation or completing other desired actions. By inputting data into the mapping software, nonprofits are able to gain a better understanding of what types of customers are most likely to close a sale, where these customers are located and which areas require more focus to attract similar customers.

Discover New Opportunities

Sales data is more than just a collection of numbers and data, it can also open up new and exciting opportunities for nonprofit organizations. Data from spreadsheets that are inputted into sales territory mapping software can be converted into a visual representation of which areas are most successful and which offer the most potential but may be neglected. The data on a sales territory map can aid decision-makers when developing strategies for unlimited growth.

Make Sales Routes More Efficient

Similar to many businesses, some nonprofit organizations rely on sales routes to keep their business operating efficiently. However, when sales routes are not properly strategized to save time and money, nonprofits could actually be losing their profits. Sales territory mapping software helps nonprofits become more efficient by taking the guesswork out of sales route optimization. Team members are able to determine the fastest, most fuel efficient and time saving routes. Sales territory mapping software is also highly versatile and can easily be updated as needed to account for changes, such as closed highways or areas near major events that may have heavy traffic.

Build A Successful Team

owners of a nonprofit conducting a fundraising campaignAssembling the right team, made up of talented and dedicated professionals, creates one of the foundations of a successful nonprofit organization. Together, those teams can effectively collaborate and use the information available on their sales territory maps to develop effective strategies for growth. Organized business data often gives leaders of nonprofit organizations the confidence they need to continue growing and developing the business. The expansion of team members and the business as a whole is beneficial to everyone involved.

Reach Out To The Sales Territory Mapping Experts

Every nonprofit organization wants to see its business succeed but not all have the resources needed to make it happen. Sales territory mapping software is an effective and affordable solution for nonprofit organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Many nonprofits use this technology to expand their business and achieve greater sales using advanced data mapping features and functionalities. To learn more about the ways nonprofit sales territory mapping can benefit your nonprofit organization, or to request a demo from an experienced sales territory mapping expert, contact the team at Geographic Enterprises.